Aethir and MetaGravity Partnership Boosts Scalable DePIN Gaming Development

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Aethir and MetaGravity Partnership

In a significant development for the gaming and 3D internet industries, Aethir, a decentralized cloud infrastructure provider, has teamed up with MetaGravity, the creators of the HyperScale Engine. This strategic partnership aims to simplify and scale gaming development through DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) technology, promising to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and overall user experience.

Aethir and MetaGravity Partnership: Revolutionizing Gaming Infrastructure

The Aethir and MetaGravity partnership aims to revolutionize gaming by using DePIN technology to create a scalable, efficient, and accessible development infrastructure. This collaboration combines Aethir’s decentralized cloud with MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine.

In a written Q&A with Cointelegraph, Dan Wang, co-founder and CEO of Aethir, articulated the ambitious vision behind this collaboration:

“By uniting a global network of underutilized resources, we’re paving the way for a more accessible, immersive and sustainable future for gaming and the 3D internet.

Overcoming Online Gaming Limitations

Integrating MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine with Aethir’s Instaplay pixel streaming solution aims to overcome online gaming limitations. This collaboration allows game developers to scale both back-end simulation infrastructure and front-end cross-device pixel streaming, addressing performance and accessibility challenges.

Tobin Ireland, co-founder and chief business officer at MetaGravity, explained the innovative concept of causal partitioning during the Q&A:

MetaGravity has created a new method of concurrency and parallelism for distributing a massive simulation across multiple servers (called Causal Partitioning), without the scale and cost limitations of the previous approaches.”.”

This method uses mathematical formulations to accurately quantify gameplay interactions, creating an infrastructure that “can deliver 100x scale of spatial partitioning at 1/100th of the cost of compute.” This breakthrough promises to provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution for large-scale gaming simulations.  For in-depth coverage and expert insights, stay tuned to BIT Journal.

Aethir and MetaGravity Partnership
Aethir and MetaGravity Partnership

Decentralised Computation and Enhanced Efficiency

Aethir and MetaGravity’s partnership also includes a longer-term research and development roadmap to accelerate the adoption of DePINs for gaming. The decentralised computation model they are championing is set to revolutionize how games are developed and played.

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Wang emphasized the significance of DePINs in gaming:

DePINs leverage geographically distributed GPU resources, placing processing power closer to users. DePINs are inherently scalable and secure, ensuring smooth operation for even the most demanding games”

DePINs can reduce latency and enhance the gaming experience by utilising geographically distributed GPU resources. This decentralized approach also ensures a high level of security and scalability, which are crucial for modern gaming demands.

Towards the Third-Generation Internet

Aethir and MetaGravity’s combined technologies aim to develop the third-generation internet, emphasizing decentralized ownership and control. This shift will profoundly impact the internet and gaming landscapes, giving users greater control and ownership of their data and experiences.

Ireland highlighted the importance of decentralized ownership and control:

“DePIN infrastructure also has the benefit of decentralized ownership, governance and control.

This move towards decentralization is expected to increase demand for computing power that minimizes latency and network transport costs, further enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of online gaming.

Implications for the Gaming Industry

The implications of this partnership for the gaming industry are vast. Game developers can focus more on creativity and innovation by simplifying and scaling the development process rather than being bogged down by technical limitations. The enhanced scalability and efficiency provided by DePIN technology will enable developers to create more immersive and engaging gaming experiences, attracting a broader audience.

Furthermore, the decentralized nature of this technology ensures that gaming infrastructure is more resilient and less prone to single points of failure. This can lead to a more reliable and stable gaming environment, which is crucial for both developers and gamers.


The partnership between Aethir and MetaGravity marks a significant step forward in the evolution of gaming and the 3D internet. By leveraging DePIN technology, they are set to create a scalable and efficient infrastructure that simplifies game development and enhances the overall user experience. This collaboration not only promises to overcome the historical limitations of online gaming but also paves the way for a more accessible, immersive, and sustainable future for the industry.

As the gaming world eagerly watches this partnership unfold, it is clear that Aethir and MetaGravity are at the forefront of a revolution that will redefine the boundaries of what is possible in gaming and beyond.



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