After Paradigm, Akula, the Ethereum Node Project, is Also Closing

After Paradigm, Akula, the Ethereum node project, is also closing. The producers of Akula pointed to the emergence of crafts supported by capital interests as a reason for the decision. This competing project was rejected based on the Akula code.

The developers behind Akula, an Ethereum client implementation, have decided to leave the project because they could not compete with the recently announced competitor program called Reth which has a similar function to that of the crypto-industry. Managed by VC Paradigm.

Akula is an advanced Ethereum client written in Rust. The Ethereum client is a software application that allows a number to read blocks on the network and interact with smart contracts. Ethereum chief developer Artem Vorotnikov started developing the project as an open client implementation in 2021 with a small team of developers.

Only these development projects are complete now, according to a newspaper published on Wednesday. Developers will no longer maintain or operate this project, but the code is still available because it is open source. The announcement referred to a similar client node launch by a group that may have better revenue but did not name the project.

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Ethereum Node Akula

“Unfortunately, we can’t outbid billions of VCs copying and pasting our architecture and code,” Vorotnikov said in a tweet on Wednesday. The opposite project is Reth, an Ethereum client of Rust operated by the crypto-VC company Paradigm, according to a statement from Vorotnikov via Twitter DM. Vorotnikov shared a screenshot showing Paradigm CTO Georgios Konstantopoulos asking detailed questions about Akula. At that time, Vorotnikov asked what Paradigm was building, thinking it would be built in Akala, but there was no response.

After this discussion, the Akula developers realized that Paradigm was actually working on its own. In response, they decided to stop working with Akula because they believed that a competitor would drop in and take over quickly. “We don’t see how Akula will get money in the future from aid (and that’s how money is made now), so it doesn’t make sense to use our scarce money on it, ” shows the ad. Vorotnikov also said that he will step back from Ethereum development in the future. He also contributed to Erigon, an Ethereum client written in Go.

Following Akula’s statement, Konstantopoulos announced Reth and gave some details about him. He stressed that Reth is not identical or a rewrite of any other client implementation, adding, “Reth does not include code from any existing client but sits on the shoulders of giants like Geth, Erigon, and Akula”.

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