All You Need to Know About The Next Biggest Gaming Token — Felixphere (FELIX)

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Felixphere (Felix) is another proof that the cryptocurrency gaming sector is evolving tremendously. The crypto gaming world has witnessed the rise of numerous cryptocurrencies like Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity, The Sandbox (SAND), etc. 

Felixphere (Felix) is set to join these top gaming tokens in the top spot after its launch, and indications have shown that it could be one of the projects that will finally push the gaming Blockchain technology far beyond its current point. 

In this article, we review all you need to know about the new cryptocurrency and the features it’s bringing into the coin market. 

What is Felixphere?

Felixphere will be a decentralized gaming protocol built on the BNB smart chain blockchain technology. It aims to reward its users and community members with many earning opportunities — almost all activities on the Felixphere platform have added incentives. 

The gaming and gambling platform comes with a  daily lottery feature and has easy-to-play games with simple rules. It utilizes the play-to-earn (P2E)  model, which ensures that players can earn while entertaining themselves. 

$Felix is the platform’s native token, which will power the ecosystem and drive all transactions and activities on the platform. The BEP-20 token will be the reward for every incentive mechanism, and subsequent development may see it feature some decentralized finance applications and governance rights. 

What games do Felixphere, and how can you play?

Felixphere (Felix) aims to solve the problem of game complexity and hard-to-follow rules. Thus it features easy-to-play games that can trigger nostalgia while improving bonding and interaction between players. 

The developers aim to add more games to ensure the continuous growth and development of the platform, but for now, here are the available games:

  • Dots and Boxes
  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Roll the dice
  • Rock, paper, scissors

These games are sure to deliver optimal fun time, bring pleasant feelings, and, the most exciting of it all, help you earn! They’re simple to play and have simple rules guiding them. 

All You Need to Know About The Next Biggest Gaming Token — Felixphere (FELIX) = The Bit Journal

How to Play/Rules Guiding Felixphere Games

To play the game on Felixphere, you need to:

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  • Create a wallet and Fund it with a $Felix token
  • Connect your wallet with the platform
  • Initiate a game by setting the required token amount for the game 
  • The game begins when another player sees your listed game and makes the required deposit
  • If you didn’t initiate, you could join by checking the list of available games and choose the one with your preferred token amount required. The game begins after depositing your token. 
  • In case of a tie, you can share the prize lots or unanimously decide to play again. 

Felixphere adds 10% to your total prize pots (the combined token amount the two players contribute). The winner of the game takes 90%, while 10% will be Cashback for wallet holders to provide liquidity, which will be added to other prize pots of subsequent games. $ETH, $SOL, $TRX, $BNB, and $ADA are acceptable on the platform, but you’ll have to convert them to $Felix to make a deposit.

Felixphere Lottery 

The Felixphere lottery will take place on the platform daily at around 16:00 BST. Users are to buy a ticket with the $Felix to participate, and ticket sales stop at 15:30.  It follows the simple step below:

  • Create a wallet and fund with a $Felix token to purchase a ticket
  • Select 7 numbers of your choice between 1-70 on the board, or generate a random number.
  • Repeat the process on as many boards as you like.
  • Confirm your entry and make a deposit 
  • Await the result to see if your numbers are the winning set. 

The reward system follows the same pattern as the play-to-earn games. 90% for the lucky winner and 10% cashback. 

Other Rewards and Incentives

Felixphere is a hub of earning. Every user on the platform has a way of getting rewards. One of the exciting incentive mechanisms is Felixphere’s two referral systems. Users get to earn 2% from the 10% Cashback on every referral winnings and 0.2% on the winnings of anyone the initial referral refers. You get a referral ID after playing about 3 games on the platform.

Apart from the referral mechanism, the Play-to-earn game will also feature a leaderboard containing all players. However, the top five players every week will be rewarded, and at the end of the month, a winner and two other runners-up get rewarded. You must maintain daily winning streaks to top the leaderboard — the more you play and win, the more you earn. 

Felixphere will release about 500 billion tokens from its total 2 trillion fixed supply for presale. The remaining tokens will follow other distribution channels, including Initial DEXs offerings, gaming bonuses, marketing (airdrops), liquidity pool, and development team. 

The Felixp token will be available on presale soon, and we’re all excited already. You don’t want to miss out too.

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