Big Tech Companies Fail to Commit to Net Zero Carbon Emissions, Produce More Carbon Than All Bitcoin Mining Ever – Report

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Numerous giants in the U.S. tech industry seem to have departed from their commitment to net zero carbon emissions since the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI). According to reports, there has now been a surge in these companies’ carbon footprints. Based on available data, Amazon alone produces more carbon dioxide emissions per annum than all the Bitcoin mining companies combined. 

Big Tech’s Escalating Carbon Emissions

According to available data, big tech companies have released more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than combined with Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH) activities since 2014. The crypto update also points out a proliferation that can be attached to the advent of generative AI and the need for major tech companies to make products that integrate this new technology. This has led to the failure to comply with net zero carbon emissions. 

As per reports, Amazon produced over 71.54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2021. The difference is clear compared to Bitcoin’s 2022 annual 65.4 million metric tons. Google reported 14.3 million tons in 2023, Microsoft reported 15.3 million tons and Apple, 15.6 million tons in 2023. 

Comparison with Bitcoin Mining

Analysts and critics point out that Bitcoin mining can be energy-consuming and lead to high carbon emissions. 

“An oft-quoted study conducted by the United Nations University found that ‘the global Bitcoin mining network consumed 173.42 Terawatt hours of electricity’ between 2020 and 2021.”

“A separate study estimated that Bitcoin mining ‘may be responsible for 65.4 megatonnes of CO2 (MtCO2) per year’ as of around 2022.”  This is the same with the energy consumption of a country like Greece.

The BIT Journal, according to media houses, notes that comparing this energy consumption with that of Big Tech companies shows a great margin. These companies are bigger offenders in terms of net zero carbon emissions of the FANG companies exceeding 100 million tons per year, surpassing the combined activities of Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH) mining. 

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Perspective on Carbon Footprints

It is easy to deduce that Bitcoin’s estimated annual impact is nothing close to Amazon’s carbon footprint. Amazon alone has produced nearly 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide since the advent of generative AI technologies. Amazon is the “bigger offender” mentioned by a user on X. 

Even without a direct comparison, it is easy to see that Big Tech companies cannot adapt to net zero carbon emissions due to the nature of the services and products they produce. A company like Amazon cannot depend solely on solar power to accomplish all its productions. For this reason, big techs will always be ahead of Bitcoin mining in terms of carbon emissions. 

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The World’s Best Industrial Crypto Mining System Is Coming

Implications and Criticisms Of Net Zero Carbon Emissions – Bitcoin vs Big Tech 

Available Data has shown that Big Tech Companies in the United States have emitted more carbon emissions since the advent of AI in 2019 than all the Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH) activities combined. The emissions produced by these big techs supersede the entire carbon emissions of crypto mining activities since their inception. The latest crypto news from The BIT Journal highlights the impact that these Tech Giants have in terms of carbon emissions. 

Industry Commitments and Challenges

Regardless of the net zero carbon emissions pledges by Big Tech companies, data centres have recorded an alarming increase in carbon emissions. Bitcoin’s energy demands are substantial, but big techs pose the main threat. The data available suggests that instead of net zero carbon emissions, we should expect an increase as these companies integrate AI, cloud computing, and other energy-intensive activities. 


While Bitcoin’s environmental impact is often criticised, it pales in comparison to the carbon emissions of major tech companies. As generative AI and other technologies expand, Big Tech’s carbon footprint will remain a critical issue. Addressing these emissions will require innovative solutions and a commitment to sustainable practices from the industry’s biggest players. Net zero carbon emissions may be impossible for these companies.


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