CashFi (CFI) Together With Theta Network (THETA) and The Sandbox (SAND) Could Lead The NFT Space

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There is no doubt that the world of NFTs is growing and is fast becoming an important and highly noticeable aspect of the blockchain industry. Currently, there are a lot of NFT collections worth millions of dollars, and this increased value and interest in NFTs has increased the interest in cryptocurrencies as they are the medium of purchase for NFTs. This article will talk about three popular crypto projects in the NFT space. 

CashFi’s (CFI) Cross-Chain NFT Marketplaces

CashFi (CFI) is a decentralized platform with its native ERC20 token, CFI, and has plans to unite the blockchain ecosystem and provide cheaper and faster services that are scalable. It is a next-gen protocol with plans for collaboration and connection by exposing its users to a range of asset classes including liquid staking and NFTs.

The platform has plans to use a qualitative methodology for off-chain cooperation while also facilitating on-chain interoperability using an ecosystem of multi-chain Web 3.0 applications developed to facilitate global liquidity and allow for seamless value exchange. This will provide the perfect ecosystem for high-quality liquid staking as well as synthetic asset services and NFTs. 

CFI NFTs will be integrated into the network’s infrastructure for developing cross-chain NFT marketplaces. The platform plans to solve the current issues facing NFT marketplaces some of which include; limited assets, crypto gas fees, low NFT and asset security, and lack of interoperability. CashFi’s CFI NFT will provide a next-gen interoperable marketplace for NFTs and further strengthen and expand the growing industry.

The cross-chain marketplace will allow users and artists to mint NFTs at low fees and also create their own NFT marketplaces through CashFi to improve their NFT sales. 
CashFi (CFI) will provide all that is required for users to build their own marketplaces and also offer cross-platform and cross-chain interoperability. Investors will be able to use the network’s adaptable CFI NFT marketplace infrastructure to develop marketplaces for specific NFT artists or a cluster of artists who want to display their items together. The team aims to become bigger than NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

CashFi (CFI) Together With Theta Network (THETA) and The Sandbox (SAND) Could Lead The NFT Space = The Bit Journal

Theta Network (THETA) 

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Theta Network (THETA) is a next-gen video and entertainment Blockchain powered by users. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer video delivery open-source platform that tokenizes time and bandwidth to operate. The network uses the THETA coin to reduce CDN costs by up to 10x. And the token holders stake their time and bandwidth to earn rewards. 

Theta Network’s (THETA) platform allows content creators to access a global audience with high-quality video streaming and low latency. Its team comprises experienced engineers and entrepreneurs who have developed successful companies in the past. Its investors include Polychain, BA Capital and DCG. 

The Sandbox (SAND) 

The Sandbox is currently one of the most popular games globally. It allows its users to create visual effects with voxel graphics in an open virtual world. Its users can also buy digital land, exchange vox creations and create virtual communities. 

The Sandbox’s digital utility token, SAND, is used for all the transactions on the platform. It is currently ranked as one of the top 50 coins on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of over $1.5 billion. 

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