Crema Finance just raised $5.4 million

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Solana-based concentrated liquidity convention Crema Finance reported that it would briefly suspend its administrations to examine an endeavor that took more than $6 million from the convention.

It declared this on Twitter early today, adding that it will impart further updates soon. Moreover, the group has gotten the administrations of blockchain review firm OtterSec to explore the adventure.

As indicated by a blockchain examining firm, OtterSec, the programmer utilized Solend streak credits to deplete the convention pools. The aggressor previously conveyed their on-chain program, so they could utilize the glimmer credits.


Then, at that point, they utilized the glimmer credits to call “three critical directions on the Crema contract: DepositFixTokenType, Claim, and WithdrawAllTokenTypes.” With these, they could store and pull out the specific sum they saved in addition to extra tokens.

Moreover, the fellow benefactor of Crema Finance, Henry Du, affirmed that an examination had begun.

He said:

We are working with some security organizations and got support from Solana, Solscan, and Etherscan, and so forth. We will keep on posting any update through true Twitter account.

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The Crema group has likewise connected with the programmer through an on-fasten message to the programmer’s Ethereum address.

Programmer stays obscure

Sadly, the programmer’s personality stays obscure, as they incapacitated the program following the endeavor.

Crypto Twitter is now knee-somewhere down in its examination as it anticipates the authority examinations. The people group has distinguished a wallet having a place with the programmer. It at present contains 69,422.89 SOL which is identical to $2.3 million. Another client guaranteed that the assailant was at that point washing the cash.

Up until this point, a few Solana-based conventions like Solend, Port Finance, and Solscan have communicated their help and readiness to help.

The transitory suspension of administrations gives off an impression of being an endeavor to keep the programmer from depleting its stores. In any case, some locally have said that the programmer snatched around 90% of the liquidity on some Crema Finance pools.


The assault comes just a brief time after Crema Finance brought $5.4 million up in a confidential subsidizing round. Qiming Venture Partners drove the subsidizing round, which additionally included Everest Ventures Group, AGE Fund, Big Brain Holdings, Summer Capital, and so forth.

Crema Finance isn’t associated with Cream Finance, the decentralized money convention that lost more than $100 million to streak advance assaults in 2021.


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