Crypto investors are buying huge quantities of Cosmos (ATOM), Chainlink (LINK), and HUH Token (HUH)

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Cosmos (ATOM), Chainlink (LINK), and HUH social app (HUH) are being widely searched on the internet, and cryptocurrency investors are purchasing huge volumes of these three tokens. You can also benefit by adding these three coins and reap big returns as the broader crypto market might rally soon. 

Cryptocurrency markets are on the verge of being regulated in many countries and it is a fantastic opportunity to gain enormous and insane amounts of profits. Cryptocurrencies have managed to outperform almost every other investment instrument and if you research carefully, you can identify the crucial price points where you can make an entry and start building your portfolio. 

Cosmos completes Theta hub upgrade to provide inter-chain accounts

Cosmos has recently managed to complete the upgrade of its much-anticipated Theta upgrade that brings inter-chain accounts to its platform. Inter-chain accounts allow users to complete transfers through various chains in a single command rather than deploying instructions for each chain separately. This allows greater interoperability between chains with ease and reduces the time for developers. 

The ATOM token has seen a lot of rallies as multi-chain interoperability becomes the most sought feature among project developers. It helps in saving gas fees as users can shift between blockchains and select the most efficient and economic network. ATOM is currently available for purchase at the $23.68 level and can be added for a huge multi-bagger opportunity in the future. 

The popular metaverse ecosystem Property’s has completed the integration of Chainlink that will allow users to port on-chain data easily. The LINK token has seen a considerable rise in price as different blockchain networks adopt Chainlink’s on-chain data initiatives. Chainlink allows the import of outside data into existing blockchain networks which is a very crucial feature as it allows blockchains to communicate and also use existing data on their platforms. 

The LINK token has been consolidating between the levels of $13.91 and $14.44 and could manage to rally soon as more chains integrate Chainlink. It can be added with HUH and Cosmos to ensure good gains in the medium to long term. 

HUH Token launches marketing efforts

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The recently launched HUH Token has started marketing efforts that will push prices towards the moon. The entire site of the HUH social app has been done from scratch and you can check out the latest version here

HUH token is also cross-chain compatible and could become the most popular coin as interoperability between chains is the most important feature as blockchain networks advance and scale to deploy bigger applications. 

As part of its marketing strategy, 20% of tokens have been set aside for Elon Musk. The coins will be given away to drive charity efforts if there is no response. This will ensure a fair amount of marketing for the HUH Token in social media spaces. 

There is a reward program in-built inside the HUH social app ecosystem. Each user gets a part of transaction fees and can refer users to increase earnings. Social media users can also deploy NFTs and make money through the social HUH app. 

The site has been furnished with many new exciting features and could become the platform of choice for the new generation of social media users. As older social media channels become highly regulated and censored, HUH is poised to fill in the gap as it is decentralized and runs on blockchain

While there are many cryptocurrencies in the market, it is important to identify the coins with the most upside potential in the near future. Cosmos, Chainlink, and HUH provide enough profit potential for any investor and can be added for minting huge returns. All three coins have cross-chain functions and are interoperable across networks. 

You can get updated about the latest news from the HUH team on the links below. 







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