CryptoSlam NFT Chart: CryptoPunks Leads Daily NFT Sales with Over $1.34 Million

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Cryptocurrency news sources have been flooded as CryptoPunks topped the CryptoSlam NFT chart. They achieved this with a remarkable $1.34 Million sales. Six unique sellers and buyers were behind this surge, with an NFT costing an average of $224,950. 

The BIT Journal reports that the astronomical performance propelled the sales volume to #2.85 billion, making it the third in the industry, behind Axie Infinity and Bored Ape Yacht Club. The CryptoSlam NFT chart provided essential insight into the performance of the NFT market. 

Insight on NodeMonkes and Bored Ape Yacht Club

The CryptoSlam NFT chart was dominated by NodeMonkes, second on the day’s collection. The Bitcoin (BTC) collection saw $881,042 in sales from 84 transactions involving 72 unique buyers and 60 sellers. The performance gave way to this Bitcoin (BTC) collection to increase sales. As noted by Cryptocurrency update channels, nodeMokes has been at the forefront of the NFT chart. The performance shows the growing interest in Bitcoin (BTC) NFT art. 

Talented NFT Artists Are Getting Help: CollectCoin
Talented NFT Artists Are Getting Help: CollectCoin

As noted by the latest crypto news, In third place was the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which recorded a sale total of $787,642 with 25 unique buyers and 25 unique sellers. The sale surpassed the $474,204 from the previous day. This sets the way for Ethereum (ETH) NFTs. The CryptoSlam NFT charts exposed the growing interest in Ethereum (ETH) NFTs as well. 

Notable Movements in the NFT Market

As stated by Cryptocurrency update source The Bit Journal, some iconic waves have been made by Milady NFT as it was introduced on the Polygon blockchain. This is not the same with the Ethereum (ETH) Milady Maker.  This NFT experienced an astronomical boost from $10.43 to $650,064 on June 25. NFTs like Sunny Girl, also on Polygon, experienced a boost from $10.97 to $650,022. A recent crypto update explains how the CryptoSlam NFT charts reflect the community’s needs. 

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Bitcoin puppets made a whopping $630,740 in sales. The market, with its wide owner base of 397,931, generated $572,784 in sales. Pudgy Penguins also took the spotlight, making $497,713. 

Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain Performance on  CryptoSlam NFT Chart 

Milady Maker, an Ethereum-based NFT, took the 8th in the charts and made $402,683, with 36 unique buyers and 27 sellers. The Ethereum (ETH) network accommodates Tuesday’s NFT leader CryptoPunks. CryptoPunks led the blockchains on the NFT sales on Tuesday, generating $4.74 million, as reported on a recent crypto update about the  CryptoSlam NFT chart.

According to the latest cryptocurrency update, the Polygon blockchain came second on the charts with $3.92 million in sales, shooting from the previous day’s $2.76 million performance. With Ethereum and Polygon achieving such amazing heights, blockchain experts believe that the landscape of digital assets is fast evolving. 

The Role of Blockchain in NFT Sales

Toronto is quickly becoming a blockchain hub, and the region has marked the emergence of new projects. Toronto has a crucial role to play in the evolving landscape of digital assets as it provides a good foundation for Blockchain activities. As stated in a recent crypto update,  blockchain innovation is at the heart of NFT transactions and hubs like Toronto ensure the continuity of NFT activities on the blockchain infrastructure. 


Cryptocurrency news sources have recorded impressive sales figures in the past few days. The NFT market has experienced success and immense growth. Collections like NodeMokes and Bored Ape Yacht Club have made waves that attracted significant sales and market growth. As highlighted by the latest cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin and Ethereum BTC ETH assets have claimed top spots on the CryptoSlam NFT chart.  

The NFT market is continuously developing and maturing, and platforms like CryptoSlam and their NFT chart are important in keeping up with the fast winds of the industry. The Bit Journal is available around the clock, serving you crypto updates as they happen.


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