Controversy Brews as Jason Derulo Sells the JASON Meme Token

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JASON meme token falls

Analytics firm Bubblemaps has accused American singer Jason Derulo of selling thousands of dollars worth of his newly launched crypto token, JASON, despite his repeated assurances that he “WILL NEVER SELL.” The controversial figure who allegedly helped create the token, Sahil Arora, claims that the entire scenario was “orchestrated.”

Recently, Jason Derulo shared a contact address for the Solana-based JASON meme token on social media platform X. This announcement led to a surge in trading activity, causing the token’s price to spike and then crash within minutes, as reported by DEX Screener. This type of volatility is common in the cryptocurrency market, as seen with major tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Hours after the initial trading frenzy, Derulo stated that he had been deceived by alleged serial scammer and celebrity memecoin promoter Sahil Arora. Despite this, he vowed to “do everything in my power to send this shit to the moon.”

Bubblemaps, an analytics firm, posted on X that it doubted Derulo’s claim of being fooled by Arora. The firm identified wallets they believed were associated with Arora, which held half of the JASON meme token’s supply. These wallets allegedly sold almost all their tokens, making a profit of $180,000 after Derulo’s first post about the token.

The analytics firm also alleged that a wallet linked to Derulo had sold approximately $20,000 worth of the token, despite his public statements on X that he would not sell his tokens in the cryptocurrency update. Bubblemaps stated, “Derulo’s actions don’t really match someone who got fooled.” The incident has garnered attention similar to major events in the crypto market, such as the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs.

In response to inquiries about Bubblemaps’ claims, Sahil Arora stated, “It’s all orchestrated; we both have skin in the game, and people with [brain emoji] can see that easy.” Arora supported Bubblemaps’ claim that the wallet identified by the firm belonged to Derulo. When asked how Derulo selling his tokens fit into the plan, Arora replied with a GIF of Dagestani influencer Hasbulla saying, “Business, business.”

JASON meme token
JASON meme token falls

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JASON Meme Token Performance

The JASON meme token saw a 175% increase on the last day, reaching a market capitalization of $7.7 million. However, it has since dropped 40.5% from its peak value of just over one cent late on June 24.

The events surrounding the JASON meme token highlight the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. The involvement of high-profile individuals such as Jason Derulo and controversial figures like Sahil Arora can significantly influence token prices and trading activity. The rapid rise and fall of the JASON meme token’s value underscores the cryptocurrency market’s unpredictable and often speculative nature.

This crypto update reminds investors about the importance of due diligence and the risks associated with investing in new and unproven cryptocurrencies. The significant price fluctuations of the JASON meme token reflect the potential for orchestrated schemes and the need for careful evaluation of investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.


The saga of the cryptocurrency news of JASON meme token serves as a case study in the complex dynamics of cryptocurrency markets. The actions of Jason Derulo and Sahil Arora have drawn significant attention to the token, highlighting the potential for orchestrated schemes involving high-profile individuals. The involvement of celebrities and influencers in the crypto space continues to be a double-edged sword, attracting both attention and scrutiny. As this story continues to unfold, the responses from the cryptocurrency community and regulatory bodies will be crucial in shaping the future of similar ventures, particularly in countries with significant crypto activity like South Korea. The BIT Journal has got you covered with round-the-clock crypto updates.



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