Exciting News! Telegram Mini-App Devs Can Now Earn Toncoin with Adsgram

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Telegram mini-app Devs

In a significant update for Telegram developers, Adsgram has introduced Toncoin (TON) monetization, backed by the TON Foundation. This innovative platform provides mini-app developers with a variety of ad formats, including 15-second videos, static banners, and soon, channel subscriptions. These Telegram Mini-App Devs were launched on June 25, Adsgram supports flexible CPM models and robust analytics, tracking metrics such as click-through rates and conversions.

Adsgram’s integration into Telegram underscores its commitment to supporting developer sustainability and fostering growth within the TON community. As the platform continues to evolve, it promises to further enhance the user experience and drive the adoption of blockchain technology in the messaging app landscape.

The Emergence of Adsgram

Adsgram is designed to be developer-friendly, offering seamless integration with Telegram’s mini-app framework. Unlike traditional advertising tools, the Telegram Mini-App Devs focuses on providing a more organic and less intrusive ad experience, aligning with Telegram’s commitment to high-quality user experiences and supporting the financial sustainability of its developer community.

The platform’s backing by the TON Foundation adds credibility and ensures developers have the resources and guidance needed to monetize their apps effectively. The TON Foundation’s involvement highlights the strategic importance of integrating cryptocurrency into the Telegram ecosystem, further driving the adoption and utility of Toncoin.

Adsgram: Empowering Telegram Mini-app Devs with Up to $1.6 Earnings Potential

For developers, the introduction of Adsgram represents a significant opportunity to generate revenue without relying solely on in-app purchases or subscriptions. This is particularly advantageous for smaller developers or those creating free apps, as it provides a sustainable financial model that supports continued innovation and development.

As of May 2024, Adsgram has achieved up to 8 million daily impressions, driven by popular apps like Gamee and Fonton Fantasy Football. Its advertiser base includes tier-1 exchanges, TON-based games, and gambling services, offering developers competitive CPM rates ranging from 0.5 TON ($3.8) to 2 TON ($16), presenting substantial revenue potential within the Telegram ecosystem. This initiative supports developer sustainability and enhances the diversity and engagement of mini-app experiences on Telegram.

Users also benefit from the Adsgram platform. By enabling Telegram Mini-app Devs to monetize through ads, users gain access to a wider range of free or low-cost apps. Additionally, the emphasis on non-intrusive ad formats ensures that users can enjoy their favourite mini-apps without being overwhelmed by disruptive advertisements.

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Telegram mini-app Devs
Telegram mini-app Devs

Impact on the Telegram Ecosystem

The integration of Adsgram into Telegram is expected to significantly enhance the platform. By offering a new monetization tool, Adsgram encourages the development of more mini-apps, enriching the overall Telegram experience and attracting more users. This creates a positive feedback loop benefiting developers, users, and the Telegram community.

According to Adsgram co-founder Vadim Sterlin, the platform aims to address monetization challenges in the GameFi sector on Telegram and within the TON ecosystem. Sterlin stated, “As a founder of a major game in the Telegram ecosystem — Fantongamebot — I faced a big challenge monetizing our game. By then, there was no way for publishers to earn money on advertising other than direct ad sales.”

The official launch of Adsgram follows a $50,000 grant from the TON Foundation to develop its minimum viable product. By early April, Adsgram began its first ads through an alpha test with Sterlin’s game, Fonton Fantasy Football.

Adsgram’s Launch Coincides with 4,500% Surge in TON Ecosystem, Toncoin Hits $8.17

The success of Adsgram’s launch could pave the way for further innovations within the Telegram ecosystem. As more developers embrace the platform, we can expect a diverse array of mini-apps leveraging ad-based monetization, from gaming and entertainment to educational and productivity tools, all benefiting from Adsgram’s financial support.

The TON Foundation’s backing suggests future enhancements, such as expanded ad formats, sophisticated analytics tools, and new ways for developers to interact with the Telegram and TON ecosystems.

Adsgram’s launch coincides with a surge in the TON ecosystem, with the total value locked in TON projects growing over 4,500% in 2024. Toncoin has reached new highs, peaking at $8.17 on June 14, according to CoinGecko.

Hence, Adsgram’s launch is a significant milestone for Telegram mini-app developers and the cryptocurrency community. By enabling developers to earn Toncoin through ads, Adsgram offers a sustainable and lucrative monetization model that supports innovation and growth, enriching the Telegram ecosystem and driving blockchain adoption.



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