Fireblocks Introduces ‘One-Click’ Audits and Tax Reporting for Crypto Custody

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In a significant advancement for the crypto custody industry, Fireblocks has unveiled its latest features aimed at streamlining compliance processes: ‘One-Click’ audits and tax reporting. These new tools promise to simplify the often complex and time-consuming tasks of performing audits and generating tax reports for digital assets, making it easier for institutional users to manage their compliance requirements.

The Importance of Streamlined Compliance in Crypto Custody

Compliance in the crypto industry is a critical concern, especially for institutions that manage large volumes of digital assets. Ensuring accurate audits and tax reporting is essential not only for regulatory adherence but also for maintaining investor trust and operational integrity. However, traditional methods of managing these tasks can be labour-intensive and prone to errors.

Fireblocks One-Click Solution

Fireblocks’ introduction of ‘One-Click’ audits and tax reporting is a game-changer in this context. These features are designed to provide a seamless and efficient way for users to handle compliance-related tasks, leveraging the platform’s advanced technology to deliver accurate and reliable results quickly.

Effortless Audits

The new audit feature from Fireblocks allows users to perform comprehensive audits with just a single click. This tool provides detailed insights into all digital asset transactions, helping institutions to ensure that all their transactions are accurately recorded and compliant with regulatory standards. By automating much of the auditing process, Fireblocks significantly reduces the time and effort required, allowing users to focus on more strategic activities.

Simplified Tax Reporting

In addition to audits, Fireblocks has also introduced a ‘One-Click’ tax reporting feature. This tool is designed to generate precise and comprehensive tax reports with minimal user intervention. By automating tax reporting, Fireblocks helps institutions stay compliant with various tax regulations, reducing the risk of errors and penalties associated with manual reporting.

Fireblocks Introduces 'One-Click' Audits and Tax Reporting for Crypto Custody

Benefits for Institutional Users

The primary beneficiaries of these new features are institutional users such as banks, hedge funds, and exchanges. These entities often deal with large volumes of transactions and complex compliance requirements. Fireblocks’ ‘One-Click’ solutions provide a streamlined approach to managing these tasks, offering several key benefits:

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  1. Time Efficiency: By automating audits and tax reporting, institutions can save significant time, allowing them to allocate resources to other critical areas of their operations.
  2. Accuracy and Reliability: Automated processes reduce the risk of human errors, ensuring that audits and tax reports are accurate and reliable.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: With comprehensive audit trails and accurate tax reports, institutions can more easily meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines or sanctions.
  4. Enhanced Security: Fireblocks’ platform is built with multiple layers of security, including MPC-CMP and hardware security, ensuring that all data and transactions are securely managed.

Fireblocks Commitment to Innovation

The introduction of ‘One-Click’ audits and tax reporting is part of Fireblocks’ broader commitment to innovation in the digital asset space. By continuously developing new features and tools, Fireblocks aims to provide its users with the most advanced and secure solutions for managing digital assets. This commitment to innovation is reflected in the platform’s wide range of supported blockchains and its tools for DeFi, staking, and Web3 development.


Fireblocks’ new ‘One-Click’ audits and tax reporting features represent a significant advancement in the field of crypto custody. By simplifying and automating these critical compliance tasks, Fireblocks is helping institutions to manage their digital assets more efficiently and accurately. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, tools like these will be essential for ensuring that institutions can meet regulatory requirements and maintain the trust of their stakeholders.

For more information on Fireblocks and its latest features, visit Fireblocks.


1. What are Fireblocks’ ‘One-Click’ audits and tax reporting features? Fireblocks’ ‘One-Click’ audits and tax reporting features allow users to perform comprehensive audits and generate detailed tax reports with a single click, simplifying compliance processes for digital asset management.

2. How do these features benefit institutional users? These features save time, improve accuracy, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance security, making it easier for institutions like banks, hedge funds, and exchanges to manage their digital assets efficiently.

3. What technology underpins these new features? Fireblocks uses advanced technology, including MPC-CMP and hardware security, to automate and secure the audit and tax reporting processes.

4. How can I learn more about these features? For more information, visit Fireblocks.

5. Are these features available for all types of digital assets? Yes, Fireblocks supports a wide range of blockchains and digital assets, ensuring comprehensive coverage for various compliance needs.


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