Folius Ventures News: How Catizen and TON are Redefining Telegram’s Gaming Frontier

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Telegram’s mini apps ecosystem is currently the rave of the moment with the successful kickstart of Catizen. As you might suspect, Catizen is a cat-themed social game that has gained rapid acceptance since its launch. In fact, Folius Ventures News update has it that over 160,000 players have taken to the game recently. Catizen is built on the TON Blockchain and has successfully managed to cast itself as a shining pioneer of the TON network. Here at The Bit Journal, we’ve covered what Catizen is and provided a concise overview of the integration of TON and Telegram. 

Catizen’s ‘Purr-fect’ Launch Takes Telegram by Storm

Catizen’s successful launch has made a huge impact on Telegram, drawing in over 160,000 players within days of its beta release. Created by Pluto, this game combines AI technology with the metaverse concept to deliver the joy of virtual pet ownership. In Catizen, players can adopt and take care of virtual cats. These cats selectively feed on Notcoin ($NOT) tokens fed by their owners to help them grow and evolve. Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) could both have also worked out. However, developers stuck with $NOT. 

According to crypto news outlets, the higher these fed cats climb on the tier, the more valuable they become. When these cats are deemed valuable enough, they can be remodelled into new and unique NFTs. In addition to this monetary rewards aspect, players can also explore a virtual world, complete quests, and engage in turn-based battles with other players’ cats. Players get to also join guilds, and participate in events alongside trading NFTs on the in-game marketplace. .

TON and Telegram: A Dynamic Duo Revolutionizing Social Games

Telegram’s integration with The Open Network (TON) is one singular stroke of good fortune set on creating an ecosystem that benefits users and developers alike. The integration of the scalable layer-1 Blockchain with low transaction fees opens up new possibilities for in-app features such as microtransactions, decentralized marketplaces, and improved data privacy for Telegram’s vast user base. As Pavel Durov put it, “The aim of TON is to create a decentralized ecosystem that combines the benefits of blockchain technology with the ease of use and widespread adoption of Telegram.” 

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TON is mostly useful for Blockchain developers as it provides a robust platform for building decentralized applications (dApps) with features like smart contracts and decentralized storage. 

Folius Ventures News
Folius Ventures News

In fact, TON has its own virtual machine. As one might expect, this integration attracts several projects spanning popular industries like gaming, AI and Finance. Citizen is a game that has gained popularity in Telegram’s mini-app ecosystem and accentuates the potential for other possibly successful ventures within this framework. To get started with Catizen or other projects on the TON Blockchain, Folius Ventures news reports that you need only a Telegram account. 

From Mini Apps to Major Hits: The Evolution of Telegram’s Gaming Ecosystem

Telegram’s gaming ecosystem has grown from simple mini apps to hosting popular blockchain games like Catizen. Initially, these mini-apps were basic and easy to use within Telegram. As time passed, Telegram expanded its support for more advanced gaming. To do this, they leveraged blockchain technology to create games with decentralized features. Folius Ventures news reports that Catizen is a prime example of this introduction. With Catizen, players can securely own, breed, and trade unique digital cats using Notcoin. This adds depth to gameplay and fits snugly into Telegram’s goal of integrating decentralized technologies.


In the latest crypto news from Folius Ventures News, Telegram is gradually becoming a gamer’s haven. The deployment of dApps like Catizen, facilitated by Telegram’s integration with TON, shows that Catizen incorporates AI tech with the Metaverse to deliver a top-notch virtual pet ownership experience to ready players. 


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