Here’s the Arrested Tornado Cash Developer’s Next Hearing In 3 Months

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Here’s the Arrested Tornado Cash Developer’s Next Hearing In 3 Months. The promoter was taken to jail on August 12 on charges of money laundering.

Pertsev will remain in custody for another three months. On Tuesday, a court in the Netherlands extended the prison sentence of Alexey Pertsev, the programmer behind the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash. Reportedly, the court rejected the allegation that Perstev did not have the authority to manage Tornado Cash. In addition, the prosecutors said that the developer is necessary for the crypto mining operation. The developer was arrested on August 12 on charges of money laundering using Tornado Cash. In addition, at the time, the Dutch police said that the mixer was used in crypto frauds and hacks to hide the identity of those involved in the transaction. After that, the United States Department of Treasury banned Tornado Cash and banned certain IP addresses. This change was made to protect customers from vulnerabilities in decentralized finance (DeFi).

International outrage over detention – Tornado Cash Developer

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According to the latest court decision, Pertsev will have to stay in custody for another three months. The next trial is scheduled for February 20, 2023. After the judge sentenced him on August 25, Pertsev went to prison for the next three months. Many in the crypto community were outraged by this decision, and some held forums to express their displeasure. Protesters want authorities to go after thieves and robbers instead of activists. Also, protests in Amsterdam and tweets from Edward Snowden linking Perstev’s treatment to that of the leaders of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX sparked international outrage over his detention in prison.

Withdrawals are made from an anonymous pool of water provided by the Tornado system, which makes it difficult to trace the origin of the transaction.


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