How Are the Metaverse Tokens Going So Far in 2022?

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How are metaverse tokens acting in the crypto markets? We will investigate MANA (Decentraland), SAND (The Sandbox), and OVR.

The Sandbox and the SAND token The presentation of the tokens connected with the principal metaverses

Of the three, the one with the biggest market capitalization at present is SAND, with nearly $1.6 billion, firmly followed by MANA with nearly $1.5 billion. OVR, then again, has a market cap of almost $27 million.

SAND appeared on the crypto markets around quite a while back, in August 2020. Around then, there had not yet been the large bull run of 2021, however there was the speculative DeFi small scale bubble, which finished in September 2020.

How Are the Metaverse Tokens Going So Far in 2022? = The Bit Journal

The introduction cost was extremely low, around $0.05, and stayed pretty much stable until mid-January 2021.

At the point when the enormous 2021 bull run on altcoins started, SAND was one of the tokens that benefitted the most. Toward the finish of January itself, the cost had previously multiplied to more than $0.1, and by February it had additionally significantly increased to $0.3.

The top at that stage was arrived at toward the beginning of April at $0.8. As such, the cost had ascended by 1,500% in under 90 days. After a drop to $0.2, it made its second enormous detonation toward the year’s end, outperforming $8 toward the finish of November when it was still beneath $0.8 toward the finish of October. In one month it acquired 900%.

Essentially from the outset of January for the rest of November it had acquired an amazing 16,000%.

By then, the downfall started, which appears to have halted in mid-May with the last huge drop brought about by Terra’s collapse. The ongoing cost, $1.3, is still a lot higher than both January 2020 and October 2021.

Decentraland’s token, MANA

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MANA, then again, appeared on the crypto markets as soon as 2017, despite the fact that until May 2020 it had not moved a lot.

In any case, from June 2020 onwards, it began to ascend, to the point that in August it was near $0.1, prior to falling back to $0.06 in November 2020.

How Are the Metaverse Tokens Going So Far in 2022? = The Bit Journal

Between December 2020 and January 2021 it got back to $0.1, and as SAND made a bang in the principal long periods of 2021, in any event, coming to $1.5 toward the beginning of May. It had basically acquired 1,400% in a couple of months, similar as SAND.

A short time later, it fell back underneath $0.5 in June, however toward the finish of October, it took off from $0.8 to $5.8, up 600% in under a month.

All in all, it followed a parabola basically the same as SAND, though somewhat failing to meet expectations. It is presently back beneath $1, with the breakdown apparently stopped by Terra’s collapse.

The OVR metaverse tokens

OVR has existed on the crypto markets since December 2020 and like different two tokens referenced above, it made two major breakouts in 2021.

In any case, after the first that took the cost from $0.05 to $2.9 in March 2021, the worth dropped to underneath $0.7 toward the finish of October. As a matter of fact, the subsequent skip, in November, didn’t take the cost a lot of over the past high, halting at $3.3.

How Are the Metaverse Tokens Going So Far in 2022? = The Bit Journal

Accepting the most extreme costs as a kind of perspective, and contrasting them and those of 31 December 2020, the exhibition was +28,000% for SAND, +8,000% for MANA, and +4,600% for OVR.

In OVER, the token is utilized to purchase land hexagons, for example land on which to construct and host occasions and shops in the metaverse, however it is additionally conceivable to stake the token to acquire more. What is likewise extraordinary is that this token can likewise be bought with a charge card on the task’s true site.

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