Invest Now In HUH Token (HUH) – Looking Out For Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu

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HUH Token (HUH) with its recognition of the value of social influence took the crypto world by storm when it came out in December of 2021. HUH is the first “utimemetoken as it combines the functionality of “utility” tokens with power of “meme” tokens. 

The HUH Token Journey 

HUH Token shook the crypto world as it grew by 6000% in 5 days.

Although there was a reduction in its value the past month, the token has recovered, going up by +1.71% in the last 24 hours and continues to increase in value. Adding to its benefits, at the end of January, HUH gifted free NFTs as a form of a reward to presale members who were loyal to them before HUH Token was released. As of January 6th, it was listed on Uniswap, Ethereum’s exchange network, adding to Pancakeswap and other exchanges that it is currently accessible on. 

MetHUH – HUH Token Social Network 

HUH token will be the basis for rewards and transactions across its social network. MetHUH is a social network based on HUH Token where everyone is rewarded for their content and engagements. Essentially, the platform is looking to reward content and social engagement thereby building a type of social media where the more engaging a member is, the more influence they have and the more influence they get, the higher their currency. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) Upcoming Trials

With their value close to 80% below their highest record last year, memecoins are set to face their biggest challenge yet. Investors are particularly worried about the future of DOGE and SHIB in the cryptocurrency market. With the fallout of the pandemic and then the Russian-Ukraine war, investors are worried about what  the current risk off market shows about DOGE and SHIB and if the overall sell off will have a huge impact on them. 

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And then to add to that, the emergence of newer cryptocurrencies is diluting the market according to some.

Shibu Inu plans to launch the Shibarium layer-2 solution to further improve the reputation of the memecoin but there’s been delays in the launch. And the more it delays, the more crypto investors are worried and the higher the negative impact it is having. SHIB also decided to spike its price in the volatile market by using the burning strategy, and burnt over 7 billion cryptocurrencies in 2021.

With dog related currencies like Floki and even Shibu Inu, Dogecoin is set to experience tough competition. Ethereum, Solana and other crypto are providing other features like smart contracts where DOGE is merely a memecoin and is accepted by less than 1,000 global merchants where there are millions currently in business. 

Now is the time to invest in and hold HUH Token as the currency is still increasing in value and proving to be a viable and profitable investment with a long term sustainable growth. 

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