Is Bitcoin (BTC) Going To $40K, What Would That Do To The Price Of ETH? Many Investors Are Looking To Hedge Bets With This New Crypto

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Bitcoin (BTC) is currently in the midst of a significant correction, selling off from around $73k to current levels in the mid $50k’s. Some are predicting that Bitcoin will drop further still to $40k. If this happens, the entire altcoin market will suffer and the effect on Ethereum (ETH) will be severe. Investors in Bitcoin and Ethereum are now hedging their bets with exciting new projects like Rollblock. 

Rollblock ($RBLK) is a brand new Play to Earn token set to revolutionize the $450 billion gaming space. Bringing the best of Web 3 to the familiar world of casino table games, Rollblock is currently in stage 3 of its presale and set to explode in price in 2024. With over 110 million tokens sold and $1 million raised in record time, experts predict up to 100x gains this year for Rollblock.

Bitcoin ($BTC) Endures the Post Halving Hangover – Is The Worst Over?

Bitcoin (BTC) surprised many investors earlier this year by hitting a new all-time high before the halving event, the first time this has happened in its 16-year history. Enormous inflows into the various spot ETFs saw price extend above 73k. Since then there has been a string of more bearish catalysts including miners capitulating and Germany selling seized coins, as well as the release of coins from the Mt Gox bankruptcy.

Bitcoin fell to current levels in the mid-$50ks, breaking what many hoped would be strong support at $60k. Many predict a further fall to $40k, where a good amount of BTC changed hands on the way up last year. If Bitcoin trends lower, investors will want to hedge by adding exposure to new coins like Rollblock.

Ethereum ($ETH) Fails to Deliver on ETF Hype

Ethereum (ETH) has underperformed Bitcoin in this cycle and many investors are pinning their hopes on the approval of a spot ETH ETF sending the coin to new highs. So far Ethereum’s price has not responded to this amazingly bullish news – a worrying sign of weakness and waning investor interest. 

Ethereum fell recently to solid support at $2800 for the second time, signaling massive sell pressure. The next likely support below is at $2200 and bulls are expected to strongly defend this level. If the market can stage a reversal then a relief rally up to the 20-day EMA at around $3270 would be a likely move.

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All eyes will be on the initial Ethereum ETF flows once trading begins sometime in the next few weeks. Many Ethereum investors have already sold due to ongoing price declines, though experts believe that holders could begin to see a recovery soon. 

Rollblock ($RBLK) Set to Disrupt Online Gambling Niche 

Rollblock ($RBLK) is gearing up for an incredible year as the revolutionary crypto-native casino moves through its presale stages (currently in stage 3). Rollblock leverages the latest in blockchain technology to power a fully community-backed and regulated online crypto casino.

Players can look forward to a pain free sign-up process without the need for any invasive KYC approval. Simply register an email address and make a deposit in one of many accepted cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Solana, USDT etc). Rollblock will top up new accounts with a deposit bonus of up to 15% depending on how much is transferred.

Players can enjoy a huge range of games, from classic table games such as poker and roulette to new and exclusive launches. Coming soon is a sports betting facility that will allow for bets on a huge range of international sporting events including golf, soccer and MMA.

In-game rewards are paid out in RBLK; Rollblock’s native token, alongside this Rollblock’s innovative revenue-sharing system means that the coin is designed with long-term growth in mind. Each week Rollblock will use a portion of its profits to buy back RBLK on the open market, supporting price action with a regular bid on decentralized exchanges. These coins will be split between staking rewards (holders can earn up to 30% in passive income) and the rest will be burned, reducing overhanging supply. 

The RBLK presale is selling out fast and the price offer currently stands at $0.0154 which will be increasing again over the next few days. With an innovative revenue sharing feature and a buyback and burn protocol, Rollblock is positioning itself as a market leading iGaming platform. With that being said many experts are predicting up to a 100x rise in value for RBLK in 2024 making it a great crypto to buy now!

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!




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