Johnny Depp NFTs Are Trending in 2022 Here Is Why

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There is a new wave of NFTs breaking the web and on social media, NFTs are all the hype. This has attracted many new investors and plenty have gained a lot of money with them. More recently, celebrities have decided to jump in and so should you.

Johnny Depp NFTs Are Trending in 2022 Here Is Why = The Bit Journal

But How Are People Making Money With NFTs?

First things first, the term NFTs (short for Non-Fungible Tokens) refers to unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain. Their value as digital assets exists because they are unique and cannot be replicated.

When purchased, these tokens represent ownership of real-world items such as art, videos, memes, music and much more. This is known as the ‘tokenization‘ of real-world tangible assets and continues to be very successful amongst investors.

Memes have been sold for thousands. For example, the viral Charlie Bit My Finger clip sold for $624,577.50 in May 2022. But recently, all the hype rests with celebrity NFTs. 

These are pushing the economy forward. From the $200 Million volume in 2017, the industry is now worth $20 Billion. The NFT market is extremely profitable. Join in today and start earning. 

Don’t Miss Out With These NFTs

Celebrity NFTs 

Celebrities are known to make a lot of money which they then invest. One investment they could not resist is definitely crypto.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists turned to NFTs to keep up a relationship with their fans and many continued to put their money into non-fungible tokens. 

Johnny Depp creates and sells his own NFTs. Paris Hilton was just recently interviewed by Jimmy Fallon about NFTs on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Matt Damon is the face of and Reese Witherspoon confirms that “Crypto is here to stay.”

But it is Johnny Depp‘s NFTs that are currently breaking the market, due to his viral court case. Depp has been working on a collection of NFTs called Never Fear Truth and these include 11,111 unique portraits of close friends and idols. The most expensive NFT sold for $15,000 but the average price is between $2000-and $3000.

Metaverse NFTs

The metaverse has an equally increasing popularity as it has become a buzzword amongst investors. But what is it? The Metaverse is a virtual world that compasses graphically rich realities. These often mirror real-life through a VR goggle gaming experience. But most importantly, items in the metaverse are often represented by NFTs. 

One example is Decentraland, an NFT gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. In it, you can acquire NFTs with 3D representations, such as the Decentraland wearables.


Apecoin NFTs

Nevertheless, the most profitable NFT projects so far have been NFT-focused Tokens. Apecoin and its governing token, the APE token, is one of the many successful projects developed by the team behind the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

The project is the third-most valuable supply of NFTs and recorded about $1.5B in all-time sales. At the time of writing, the ApeCoin price is $14,60 with a market cap of $4.15 Billion.

Other Non-Fungible Tokens

Recently on the market, the XMU Token is in the presale stage which makes it the best time to invest as you can buy the token for a premium price. It is a decentralised cryptocurrency that provides peer-to-peer interaction, rewards, and governance utility.

The Mushe ecosystem has developed a strong Metaverse and NFT presence, with the MusheVerse and Mushe NFTs. In this metaverse, users can communicate, trade and participate in play-to-earn games.

The MusheVerse is a universal digital realm where you can make use of all Mushe products while socialising. Moreover, these NFTs represent ownership within the MusheVerse (i.e property, land, real estate, etc).

Although XMU Token holders can vote on the ecosystem’s ideas for gaming and design, it will reward gamers for winning community competitions and peer to peer gaming.

Join Mushe’s Presale:







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