No More: Lina Valentina’s NFT Collection

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Famous and regarded women’s activist craftsman Lina Valentina is planning to send off her most memorable NFT series. Under the “No More” standard, the assortment will cement women’ situation inside the Web3 climate and reprove aggressive behavior at home.

The name Lina Valentina is inseparable from the imaginative scene across New York and Los Angeles. Lina has made different significant craftsmanship on dividers from New York to Brooklyn. Moreover, her works can be tracked down in the most noticeable contemporary workmanship displays in Los Angeles and on the fronts of INKspired and GoodweekendMag, and that’s just the beginning. Furthermore, Lina’s joint effort with Adidas in 2018 is still new in individuals‘ brains.

Lina Valentina utilizes painting and other fine arts to urge women to stand in opposition to aggressive behavior at home, a squeezing matter even today. She gets components from Salvator Dali and her number one music, making some fascinating work of art equipped for launching a significant discussion.

The NFT assortment, named “No More”, follows similar way as Valentina’s artistic creations and other fine art. It is a recognition for women who suffer[ed] from abusive behavior at home and chose to censure it. Furthermore, the assortment will offer boldness and desire to ladies who face this maltreatment however stay quiet about it.” No More” will include 7,777 exceptional NFTs addressing a female face.

No More: Lina Valentina's NFT Collection = The Bit Journal

Lina Valentina remarks on her impending assortment:

“NFTs and craftsmanship appear glaringly evident, another way for specialists to articulate their thoughts and be heard. Numerous craftsmen around me position themselves in the NFT area. Tragically there are still too barely any female craftsmen in the field, just 5%. The “No More” series additionally means to urge ladies to put resources into this flourishing area.”

The assortment will serve a few utilities as the venture unfurls, including:

Making a computerized exhibition in the metaverse to advance works by Lina Valentina and different craftsmen advancing valuable goals.
300 “No More” proprietors will get a computerized outline esteemed at $800, carrying the computerized fine arts to this present reality.

No More: Lina Valentina's NFT Collection = The Bit Journal

An extraordinary display for fans to meet Lina Valentina at The Cool HeArt Gallery in Los Angeles. NFT Holders get special costs on actual works being displayed.
Give 10% of the pay created by the “No More” drop to the Safe Horizon affiliation, helping casualties of aggressive behavior at home and rape.

The forthcoming “No More” NFT assortment by Lina Valentina joins solid utility with a reasonable message and has the sponsorship of an eminent craftsman. It might turn into the following major notorious assortment starting significant discussions in regards to a subject that is frequently stayed away from. Furthermore, Valentina plans joint efforts with well known characters, with more data to be uncovered before long.


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