Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase Plan Sets Tongues Wagging Amid $6M BTC Acquisition Budget

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Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase

Tokyo-based investment firm Metaplanet Inc. has announced a two-part plan to significantly increase its Bitcoin holdings. The company plans to issue 1 billion yen ($6.26 million) in bonds to raise funds specifically for Bitcoin purchases while also reaffirming its long-term commitment to the leading cryptocurrency.

Metaplanet on Bitcoin Buying Spree: Holdings Set to Reach 241 BTC

Approved by the board on June 24th, Metaplanet’s decision reflects its “Bitcoin-first, Bitcoin-only” treasury strategy, devised in response to Japan’s economic challenges: high government debt, prolonged negative real interest rates, and a weakening yen. The company formally announced in May its adoption of Bitcoin as a key asset in its treasury reserves, citing, “The move is a direct response to sustained economic pressures in Japan, notably high government debt levels, prolonged periods of negative real interest rates, and the consequently weak yen,”

BIT Journal reports that the announcement triggered an immediate reaction in the market. Metaplanet’s shares skyrocketed by 11.5% on Monday, June 24th, reaching 96 yen ($0.60) per share. According to Google Finance data, this impressive gain adds to a staggering over 500% increase in the company’s stock price so far this year.

According to a statement released on Monday, Metaplanet outlined that these bonds will carry an annual interest rate of 0.5% and are scheduled to mature on June 25, 2025, with the payment date set for June 26, 2024. “The funds raised will be used to purchase Bitcoin,” the company confirmed. Google Finance reported a notable surge of approximately 12.2% in Metaplanet’s stock during the morning trading session.

Starting in mid-May, Metaplanet made a bold move into Bitcoin with an initial purchase of 117 BTC, showing a strategic shift in its investment approach. It plans to increase its Bitcoin holdings significantly by acquiring about 99.84 BTC, adding to its current 141.07 BTC. This follows a recent purchase of 23.25 BTC on June 11th. If successful, Metaplanet’s total Bitcoin holdings would amount to 241 BTC, valued at around $15 million in today’s market.

Metaplanet’s active strategy of purchasing Bitcoin has caught attention, prompting comparisons with MicroStrategy, which holds a significant amount of Bitcoin, totalling 214,400 BTC valued at $13.4 billion, according to Bitbo data.

Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase
Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase

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Metaplanet Hodls Bitcoin Despite Price Dip.

Despite the recent dip in Bitcoin’s price, which fell to a 40-day low of $62,733 after reaching nearly $72,000 in early June (according to CoinGecko data), Metaplanet remains unwavering in its commitment. The company purchased Bitcoin at an average price of 10.28 million yen ($65,365) per BTC, indicating that their current holdings are valued below the prevailing market price.

Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase Strategy

Metaplanet’s adoption of a long-term holding strategy for Bitcoin, underscores its confidence in the cryptocurrency’s potential for both investment and operational use. In such cases, Bitcoin would be classified as a current asset on the balance sheet, with resulting gains or losses from valuation adjustments recorded under non-operating income or expenses in the income statement. The company conducts quarterly evaluations of its Bitcoin holdings based on market value, with gains or losses similarly reflected in financial reporting. Notably, these holdings are exempt from end-of-term market value assessment taxation.

This strategic approach through the Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase highlights Metaplanet’s strong confidence in Bitcoin as a significant asset amidst Japan’s economic challenges. The firm’s rising stock price further highlights market confidence in its Bitcoin strategy, reinforcing its position as a proactive player in the evolving digital asset landscape.


Metaplanet’s bold move to acquire Bitcoin is viewed as a strategic step to strengthen its financial standing amid Japan’s economic challenges. The notable increase in its stock price and steadfast dedication to Bitcoin highlight its confidence in the cryptocurrency’s potential as a valuable asset.

This bold move by Metaplanet is certain to be a major talking point in the financial world, with many eagerly awaiting to see how this ambitious Bitcoin strategy unfolds in the coming months. Whether it paves the way for a new era of corporate cryptocurrency adoption or remains a unique case study, Metaplanet’s decision has undeniably shaken things up.


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