Minutes Network News: 1.2 Billion User With SEW Deal Ignites Growth Engine

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Minutes network News

Minutes Network has announced a collaboration to push its user base towards an unprecedented 1.2 billion within the next two years. Minute Network is partnering strategically with Smart Energy Water (SEW), headquartered in Irvine, California. According to officials, Minutes Network aims to leverage SEW’s extensive ecosystem and advanced AI-driven platforms to revolutionise scalability and revenue potential.

SEW, established in 2012, aims to solidify its position as a pivotal technology provider, specialising in digital customer experience and workforce engagement solutions for utilities such as electric, water, and gas across 45 countries. With an expansive reach encompassing over 1.2 billion mobile application users, SEW’s integration with Minutes Network promises to redefine scalability and unlock substantial revenue opportunities for both entities.

“This is a huge moment for Minutes Network and leverages off the success and strength of World Mobile’s existing relationship with SEW. The integration of the Minutes Network SDK into SEW’s ecosystem and marketplace transforms our scale, reach and revenue potential. We could not wish for a more supportive scaling partner, and our internal technical work now has a singular objective to bring the entire user base online. Our first milestone will be to have 20 million users live within the coming months,” said Josh Watkins, CEO of Minutes Network.

Watkins emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration, highlighting it as the first of many scale integrations planned by Minutes Network. “This is our first scale integration, and it will be the first of many. We now have a growing slate of applications that have agreed to join Minutes Network and as we are ready to onboard them, we will make further announcements.” He expressed optimism about the future, citing a growing list of applications poised to join the network in subsequent phases.

SEW: A Leader in Innovation

Established in 2012, SEW has established itself as a pioneer in the utility sector, renowned for its advanced cloud platforms that provide exceptional CX and WX solutions. Partnering with Minutes Network to expand into the telecom sector, SEW seeks to “Engage, Empower, and Educate billions” on utility savings and preparedness for the future, offering expanded reach and innovative services to its worldwide users.

Minutes Network News
Minutes Network News

SEW’s revolutionary cloud platforms, integrating AI, machine learning, and IoT analytics, have established new standards for digital customer experiences and operational efficiencies within the utility sector. This strategic move into telecom services reflects SEW’s commitment to its vision of empowering billions worldwide by optimizing utility services and preparing them for future challenges.

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“This new collaboration has been secured due to the outstanding existing relationship between SEW and the World Mobile team,” Watkins added, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving this transformative partnership.

Minutes Network News: Roadmap to Digital Transformation

As Minutes Network prepares to bring aboard millions of new users via SEW’s ecosystem, future announcements are expected regarding the integration of more applications and services. This strategic partnership between Minutes Network and SEW signifies a critical juncture in advancing digital engagement and enhancing service delivery on a global scale.

This partnership is not just about numbers; It aims to leverage SEW’s innovative cloud platforms, powered by AI, machine learning, and IoT analytics, to set new industry benchmarks for digital customer experiences and workforce efficiencies.

Future Outlook and Collaborative Innovations

The partnership highlights SEW’s proactive use of advanced technologies to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. With a strong emphasis on AI-driven solutions, SEW remains at the forefront of providing tailored customer experiences and enhancing operational efficiency across global utility sectors.

Meanwhile, Minutes Network, renowned for its innovative digital engagement tools and scalable solutions, stands poised to gain substantial advantages from SEW’s extensive reach and industry expertise. Through the integration of its SDK into SEW’s ecosystem, Minutes Network aims to expedite user acquisition and significantly expand its market presence.

Both companies are set to launch a range of initiatives to improve platform compatibility and expand service offerings. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the integration of technology and customer experience, promising enhanced efficiencies and greater value creation in the digital landscape.



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