New Tax Move in the US: Pay Your Federal Taxes with Bitcoin!

Representative Matt Gaetz has introduced a bill in the United States to promote the adoption of Bitcoin. If this bill passes, residents will be able to pay their federal taxes with Bitcoin. As the US elections approach, politicians and leaders are increasingly focusing on Bitcoin.

Green Light for Bitcoin in the US: Taxes Can Be Paid!

Residents of the United States might soon be able to use cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin (BTC), to pay their federal taxes. Congressman Matt Gaetz has proposed a new bill that aims to allow US citizens to pay their federal income taxes using Bitcoin.

Gaetz, a strong believer in the role digital assets will play in the future of finance, is a prominent advocate of Bitcoin. The proposed bill would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to include Bitcoin as an option for tax payments. According to the Florida representative’s bill, the amendment requires the Treasury to “develop and implement a method allowing individuals to pay any applicable tax with Bitcoin.”

New Tax Move in the US Pay Your Federal Taxes with Bitcoin!

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What Does This Mean for the Leading Cryptocurrency?

If Gaetz’s bill is implemented, it could be a game-changer for Bitcoin adoption in the US. It would also focus the Treasury’s attention on the implementation of digital assets in the region. Gaetz emphasized the benefits of the Bitcoin bill in a statement to the press, highlighting that it could foster innovation, increase efficiency, and provide more flexibility to American citizens.

Gaetz’s proposal was likely influenced by El Salvador’s stance on Bitcoin. Gaetz recently visited the country during Nayib Bukele’s tenure as president. As reported by The Bit Journal, Bitcoin is already accepted for state tax payments in places like Colorado.

US Politicians Propose Bitcoin-Supporting Legislation

Several Bitcoin bills are awaiting approval from the appropriate authorities. In March, Oklahoma passed a landmark bill aimed at protecting the fundamental rights of BTC users. Representative Brian Hill led the bill, which was supported by the Oklahoma Bitcoin Association. It promised comprehensive protection for Bitcoin users within the state and was overwhelmingly supported in the State House with an 81 to 1 vote.

Similarly, Senator Cynthia Lummis has been seen urging Senate members to vote YES on legislation allowing highly regulated financial firms to provide custody services for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This contrasts sharply with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s stance, as she has expressed significant concerns about digital assets being held and secured by financial institutions. Overall, both opposing and supportive views highlight the growing interest of politicians in the cryptocurrency industry.


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