Telegram-linked Notcoin Price Rally Anticipates 100% Price Surge Following 210M NOT Token Burn

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Telegram-linked Notcoin Price Rally

Notcoin (NOT) is a telegram-based coin that has shown significant signs of exponential growth. The latest crypto news shows projections of Notcoin (NOT) doubling its present market cap in the few weeks to come. Cryptocurrency update channels noted that the projections are supported by strong technical analysis of indicators and fundamental factors. The recent burnout is also another factor leading to the Notcoin price rally. 

On the 25th of June, the Notcoin team made an announcement that was captured across different crypto update sources. The team announced a burnout of over 210 million NOT tokens valued at #3 million; this was set to happen in one day. This move drew the attention of traders who helped the Notcoin price rally up to 16.40%, allowing it to reach $0.0164. The team also plan on distributing $4.2 million worth of NOT tokens to its top explore initiative, “Gold and Platinum users.” The initiative allowed multiple projects to contribute to NOT through the Explore pool and campaign creations. Users get tasks that are rewarded upon completion. 

Bullish Scenarios for Notcoin

According to the latest crypto news from top sources like The BIT Journal, the announcement offers two scenarios for bulls to ensure a sustained Notcoin price rally. First, the token burnout removes a chunk from the coin’s supply chain; experts on the cryptocurrency update channels have noted this as a bullish move if the demand for the coin increases simultaneously. The second factor sustaining the rally is users actively earning Notcoin (NOT) through task completions. This creates a high demand for the token as new users keep joining the platform. The four-year roadmap designed by Notcoin’s founder, Sasha Plotvinov, takes these two factors to heart.  

Yashu Gola, a financial analyst for Cointelegraph, points out that “The Notcoin project is currently focusing on its Notcoin app, which features campaigns that allow users to earn Notcoin by engaging with new Telegram games. The aim is to establish the app as a central hub for launching other ecosystem projects, driving demand for Notcoin and incorporating token burns.” This drives the demand for Notcoin, and bringing in token burns allows for further growth, thus supporting the Notcoin price rally is considered the way to go, as noted by top cryptocurrency news feeds. 

Telegram-linked Notcoin Price Rally
Telegram-linked Notcoin Price Rally

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Technical Analysis: A 100% Notcoin Price Rally Potential

Price analysts suggest that the ongoing price rally is part of a comeback strategy, a sort of rebound after the token tested the lower trendline of its overall falling wedge pattern. The community considers such patterns to be a bullish reversal; two converging downward-falling trendlines identify these. Price breaks resolve this issue most often, but the price break must be above the upper trendline, and it must rise as much as possible to the maximum distance between the polar trendlines. This reflects a potential Notcoin price rally. 

Working with the same principles, the Bullish trend may lead Notcoin to target between $0.023 and $0.031, marking an increase of up to 45%–100%. This signals a strong Notcoin price rally around the corner, as suggested by the latest cryptocurrency news from The BIT Journal. 

Impact of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The latest crypto news from The BIT Journal and other sources indicate that Blockchain technology is crucial in Notcoin’s architecture. Analysts believe that once Bitcoin and Ethereum BTC ETH surge, Notcoin is set to surge. Toronto markets are rallying behind NOT, so regardless of the Bitcoin and Ethereum BTC ETH surge, Notcoin is set to scale. According to a recent cryptocurrency update, Toronto is becoming one of the main hubs in terms of blockchain, and support from Toronto will mean a lot. 


Strong technical indicators point to an impending Notcoin price rally. A recent crypto update points out that traders and investors are keeping an eye on upcoming developments and price movements to take advantage of this opportunity. The blockchain integration and support from the Bitcoin and Ethereum BTC ETH community will help drive Notcoin’s surge. Cryptocurrency news like The BIT Journal is available 24/7 to help you stay updated on the Notcoin price rally. 


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