OpenSea’s Old Employee is Facing With Wire Fraud & Money Laundering

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Previous OpenSea worker Nathaniel Chastain, 31, has been officially accused of one count of wire extortion and one count of illegal tax avoidance and is anticipating preliminary in New York.

Following an intricate plan to make huge gains from NFTs utilizing insider data, previous OpenSea Employee Nate Chastain could look as long as 40 years in jail. In a prosecution unlocked today by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and a senior New York-based Federal Bureau of Investigation official, Chastain is blamed for benefitting from insider information on which NFTs would show up on OpenSea’s landing page by purchasing the NFTs and exchanging them for considerably more than they were at first recorded for.

OpenSea's Old Employee is Facing With Wire Fraud & Money Laundering = The Bit Journal

From roughly June 2021 to September 2021, Chastain supposedly took advantage of a peculiarity where purchasers were ready to pay a premium for NFTs showed on OpenSea’s landing page and for NFTs by a similar craftsman whose work showed up on the landing page. Having prescience of which NFTS would be included on the landing page, Chastain bought the NFTs.

Afterward, when they showed up on the landing page, he sold them for up to multiple times their unique recorded cost. Damian Williams, the U.S. Lawyer, said, “NFTs may be new, yet this sort of criminal plan isn’t. As affirmed, Nathaniel Chastain deceived OpenSea by utilizing its classified business data to bring in cash for himself. The present charges show the responsibility of this Office to getting rid of insider exchanging – whether it happens on the financial exchange or the blockchain.”

Chastain utilized mysterious crypto wallets

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Chastain utilized unknown crypto wallets and records on OpenSea to sidestep recognition, first featured by Twitter client Zuwu. “Hello @opensea for what reason does it seem @natechastain has a couple of mystery wallets that seem to purchase your first page drops before they are recorded, then sells them not long after the first page-publicity spike for benefits, and afterward tumbles them back to his primary wallet with his troublemaker on it?” they tweeted.

OpenSea's Old Employee is Facing With Wire Fraud & Money Laundering = The Bit Journal

OpenSea answered by saying that it would lead “a quick and intensive survey of the episode,” later affirming that the occurrence was under survey by an outsider.

The organization then revised arrangements to preclude representatives from trading from assortments effectively included on the commercial center.

Nicely done

Williams commended the FBI for their work, expressing gratitude toward the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team for their assistance in the examination. The Assistant Director-in-Charge of the FBI’s New York Field Office said, “With the development of any new speculation apparatus, for example, blockchain-upheld non-fungible tokens, there are the people who will take advantage of weaknesses for their own benefit. The FBI will proceed to forcefully seek after entertainers who decide to control the market along these lines.”

OpenSea's Old Employee is Facing With Wire Fraud & Money Laundering = The Bit Journal


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