Crypto Betting: Polymarket Monthly Volume Reaches $100M as U.S. Presidential Race Intensifies

Polymarket Monthly Volume

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Polymarket Monthly VolumePolymarket Monthly Volume

The Outgone month of June has turned out to be a historic month for Polymarket, the distributed forecasts platform. Polymarket’s monthly volume reached $100 million in monthly trading volume. The growing interest in the forthcoming U.S. presidential contest, which has seen over $200 million in bets placed across various markets, is mostly responsible for this surge in activity.

Former President Donald Trump has been the preferred bet as the presidential contest gets fierce. The odds favour him returning to the office, with $24.7 million wagered for and against him. By contrast, while being a strong contender, incumbent President Joe Biden’s chances have dropped after a dismal debate on June 28. This has led to increased speculation about his future, with significant amounts placed on markets predicting whether he will continue in the race.

Polymarket Trading Volume: Betting on a Spectrum of Political Figures

Polymarket’s betting scene does not limit conventional political figures. As the political debate changes, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Vice President Kamala Harris, and even Michelle Obama have seen changes in their chances and growing speculation on their possible candidatures. Bettors closely observing the changing political environment are attracted by these well-known personalities.

Meanwhile, unconventional candidates like Kanye West and Elizabeth Warren, though long shots, are also drawing attention to Polymarket. Though the odds are low, the bets put on these candidates show a broader interest in a variety of results, therefore highlighting the wide array of possibilities that participants are weighing as the U.S. presidential race intensifies.

Polymarket Monthly Volume
Polymarket Monthly Volume

Polymarket Monthly Volume: Polymarket’s Growth and Impact on the Crypto Market

Polymarket monthly volume in June demonstrates its growing impact and the wider acceptance of decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. In June, Polymarket, operating on the Ethereum sidechain Polygon, achieved a trading volume of $109.9 million. This marks the first time the platform has surpassed the $100 million threshold, as reported by a Dune Analytics dashboard.

This success highlights Polymarket’s capacity as a strong platform for interacting with global political and economic events.

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Polymarket has also been said to have seen a significant increase in activity over the past year; its trade volume rose by 620%. This reported increase is evidence of the platform’s improved capabilities and the developing confidence it generates among the cryptocurrency community. The influx of users and the volume of transactions speak volumes about the platform’s reliability and the appealing nature of its market offerings.

The number of active traders, which reportedly shot by 115% to reach 29,266 in June alone, further highlights the surge in user involvement. This amazing rise in active participants shows the growing interest in decentralised prediction markets and a solid trust in Polymarket’s system. Attracting a record number of users on the platform shows its growing popularity and essential function in the DeFi scene.

Polymarket Monthly Volume Soars: Reflecting a Surge in Crypto Activity

Recent successes of Polymarket go beyond just Polymarket monthly volume. With a total value locked of $40.2 million, the platform has also experienced a significant gain over the past 30 days—a nearly 69% increase. Significant investments, notably from a recent $70 million funding round headed by Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin, back this expansion.

Polymarket’s success extends beyond its current platform. It has also influenced the broader crypto market, with significant correlations observed between political events and fluctuations in major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This relationship underscores the interconnected nature of global events and cryptocurrency markets, providing crucial insights for both investors and analysts.

This development is a significant marker of the evolving landscape of both the financial and political worlds. Yuga Cohler, an expert and an engineering lead at Coinbase said in a post on X FKA Twitter, “Polymarket’s astronomical success is the most important story in crypto right now, but it’s so obvious that we are ignoring it, when we should be screaming it from the rooftops.”


Yuga Cohler on X
Yuga Cohler on X


In conclusion, as the U.S. presidential race continues to gain momentum, Polymarket is set to play an increasingly central role in shaping perceptions and influencing decisions. With its robust technology and growing user base, Polymarket remains a key player in the intersection of cryptocurrency and global events. It provides a platform for speculation, investment, and insight into the future of politics and finance.

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