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The MAP system, which is the omnichain layer in Web3, is well-developed with a thin client, and ZK technology, with full security and no point. It is now making its announcement to have a valuable and unique relationship with Buidler DAO, which is a safe haven for all Web3 professionals around the world.

As a result of this conceptual organization, the two companies, MAP Protocol, as well as Buidler DAO, will now be active in the implementation of programs and services related to the Web3 environment. In this area, the discussion process will be organized in the Twitter space, online sharing activities and offline activities. This will allow all connected developers to actively participate in all kinds of social gatherings.

Besides these activities, the two companies will also be involved in the level and creation of technological products, which will work as a promotion for important companies. With all these things, it will be the Web3 environment that will benefit from a good quality.

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As for Buidler DAO, it has many talents related to Web3, and the network of services. The purpose and goal of the company is based on the creation of the SocialDAO governance system, and the DAOTools solution. MAP, on the other hand, makes it the omnichain layer of Web3 with secure cross-chain communication. It makes it active in providing effective communication between all channels and integrates EVM and non-EVM.

According to MAP Protocol COO, Michelle Law, this strategic partnership will pave the way for building an integrated community where developers will find themselves working in close coordination. Likewise, and in the case of the co-operator of Buidler DAO, the relationship will help to promote both companies in the future by contributing to their respective sides.

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