REP Network Addresses Have Been Tracking Abnormally For the Last 10 Days!

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REP is currently trading at $4.60 after a discount of 4.32%. The number of unique addresses in the REP network has increased by 112%. August prices are down more than 75% from last year.

Augur (REP) is one of the red-hot cryptocurrencies so far. According to the crypto market monitoring website CoinMarketCap, REP is currently trading at $4.60 after a price increase of 4.32% in the last 24 hours and after hitting a low of $4.85 the previous day. at the same time. The crypto is still down more than 4% in the last week. REP lost strength against two major cryptos in the market, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by around 2.75% and 1.91% respectively in the past day.

REP Network

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Also in the red zone is REP’s 24-hour trading volume which currently stands at $8,456,013 after falling more than 50% since yesterday. With its market capitalization of $50,665,588, REP is currently the 316th largest crypto by market capitalization.

This puts it behind World Mobile Token (WMT) at 315th while ahead of Stargate Finance (STG) which is 317th. Likewise, trading platform Santiment took to Twitter early on December 27 to share some recent REP stats. According to the information, the number of unique addresses interacting with the REP network has increased by 112%. This comes despite Augur’s stock falling more than 75% in the past year.

The number of addresses in the REP network has grown so much that it has almost doubled in the last ten days alone.

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