Is Ether a Security? Crypto Industry Puzzled as SEC Drops Charges Against Ether

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Is Ether a security

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has dropped its charges against Ethereum in the wake of Ether’s security uncertainties. This now poses a question that has sparked a serious debate in the crypto industry. The multi-million dollar question is, “Is ether a security?”. Despite the SEC’s stand, the investigation was closed as it lacked any tangible basis. 

What is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an independent body that upholds crypto regulations. Typically, the SEC protects traders and investors and maintains compliance in the crypto industry and other financial markets. The Bit Journal and other reliable cryptocurrency channels report that the SEC promotes full transparency and protects the market from fraud. 

Issues of securities are under the jurisdiction of the SEC. If you have been following the latest crypto news, you must have stumbled on the recent SEC investigation on Ether. Even though it is well within the rights of the SEC to start such an ‘is ether a security?’ investigation, responses from top crypto update channels show that the community were displeased by this course of action. 

Consensys Takes ‘Is Ether a Security’ Matters Further – SEC Sued Over Ether Controversies

Consensys is an elite software company that operates solely on the Ethereum blockchain network. After the crypto regulations body SEC announced the investigation, Consensys filed a lawsuit against the SEC. This counts as one of the numerous lawsuits the SEC is involved with. Industry enthusiasts and analysts have debated whether Ether is a security. Crypto update channels point out that the lawsuits raise an important question: “Which cryptocurrencies are securities?”

Consensys demands that the SEC confirm that Ether is not a security. Any action taken on Consensys regarding Ether being a security will violate due process. The declaration also points out that Consensys does not act as a broker, and any investigation in this manner would exceed the SEC’s jurisdiction. 

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Is Ether a security
Is Ether a security?

Regulation Revelation: Unpacking the Weak Spots in the SEC’s Stance

The latest crypto news from The Bit Journal exposes the weakness of the SEC’s approach. Crypto regulations use different tests, but experts argue that the Howey Test is not an updated tool. Cryptocurrency update sources point out that if the testing tool is outdated, it is impossible to get the best results. Crypto regulations are now receiving backlash from cryptocurrency update forums and groups. 

The SEC’s failure to follow due procedures and use proper tools stifles any possible case they made. Cryptocurrency news and experts suggest revising the SEC’s guidelines and procedures to match the present market state. 

Is Ether’s Future Secure? What Happens Next?

By now, one should be able to answer the question, “Is ether a security?” With the Crypto regulations, the SEC cannot present a convincing case that ether is not a security. The debate poses significant implications in the crypto industry. As the SEC mounts pressure on the matter, the crypto community shows its support, rallying to defend Ether’s stance.


Top analysts argue that Ether’s utility and decentralised structure grant it liberty and exempt it from the class of securities. From the legal point of view, blockchain experts are engaging in discussions and formulating a strong case as to why Ether is not a security. As pointed out, the SEC lacks tangible proof of why Ether should be regarded as a security. With the SEC withdrawing the investigation, the cryptocurrency industry takes a win. 


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