Solana Meme Coins WIF and BONK Lose Billions In Market Cap; New 100x Crypto Star Rollblock Set To Surpass Them

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Solana meme coins have had a volatile year so far, with millions made and lost on these highly speculative cryptos. Coins like DogWifHat (WIF) and BONK (BONK) saw enormous pumps earlier in the cycle during meme mania but both DogWifHat and BONK holders have been looking to rotate their holdings into innovative new plays such as Rollblock.

Rollblock ($RBLK) is a brand-new entrant in the highly lucrative GambleFi space. Combining the best of established online casinos with the cutting-edge technological invocations of Web3, Rollblock is tipped by many to onboard the next generation of gamers. Experts are predicting this coin will go parabolic in 2024, over 100x!

DogWifHat ($WIF) Down 60% From March Mania as Hype Cools

DogWifHat ($WIF) has been one of the most hyped meme coin launches on Solana, and has risen from obscurity to become an incredibly well-known and popular meme choice amongst retail investors. DogWifHat’s price has declined significantly since the memecoin mania of March and now sits down nearly 60% from the highs at around $1.76.

The DogWifHat ($WIF) technical indicators are flashing a firm sell signal and DogWifHat’s daily trading volume has been lacking of late, suggesting that the hype is over for now and investors have moved on. Nonetheless, DogWifHat could offer strong returns during the next bull cycle. 

Bonk ($BONK) Sheds 17% of Market Cap in a Month as Investors Move On

Bonk ($BONK) is another Solana meme coin that has lost considerable market share in recent months. Despite huge hype around the token being airdropped to holders of the Solana Saga phone, Bonk’s price has lost over 17% in market cap in just a month and must find support soon to prevent further decline.

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If the price dips further, Bonk bulls might look to buy the meme token at around $0.000015 where strong support should be found. If a Bonk price can turn around at these levels, a return to the yearly highs may not be out of the question before the end of Q4. However, by this point savvy investors will already have moved on to newer, more cutting-edge narratives like Rollblock to maximize their returns for the next leg up.

Rollblock ($Rblk) Ready to Explode as Investor Interest Skyrockets

Rollblock ($RBLK) has emerged from relative obscurity to become one of the hottest crypto launches of the year. Combining the best of the established GambleFi space with the innovations of Web3 technology, Rollblock is destined to capture a huge market share as it onboards the next generation of crypto native gamers into this $450 billion market this year.

With all bets and transactions verified on-chain, players can rest assured that their bets will not be manipulated after being placed. With no KYC approval upon signing up, the onboarding to Rollblock is rapid and 100% anonymous. Simply register with an email address and connect a crypto wallet, depositing one of a large number of accepted cryptos such as Bitcoin, BNB or USDT. Deposit bonuses are available of up to 15% depending on how much players transfer.

Once inside players will find themselves spoiled for choice with over 150 games to choose from, including familiar favorites such as poker and roulette and a host of new exclusives such as Crazy Time. In time Rollblock will offer sports betting, allowing bets on soccer, golf, and Formula One racing events.

The native token RBLK is used for in-game rewards and is designed to grow in value as the platform attracts more users. A hard cap and revenue sharing feature means that the casino will use a percentage of their weekly profits to buy back the token on the open market. These coins will be split evenly between stakers (holders who can earn up to a massive 30% on their coins in passive income) and the rest are burned forever, reducing available supply. 

With experts predicting massive gains of up to 880% for RBLK before it even leaves the presale stage, investors are piling in rapidly. Currently in stage 3 and priced at just $0.0154, RBLK’s price will definitely not stay this low for much longer. Investors are urged to maximize their gains on this DeFi gem by getting involved early, with early investors already seeing returns of 54%!

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