Sony has applied for a patent, it will monitor in-game digital assets!

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Sony has applied for a patent, it will monitor in-game digital assets! Sony has officially applied for a license to keep tabs on the game’s digital assets using blockchain technology, specifically NFT. This license will give all the players involved the opportunity to get a lot of special sports equipment and other applications that have a large number of esports stars and sports brands.

Sony is sure that all gamers will be happy to have this option available to them. According to official documents made public, Sony, which is a major player in the world of entertainment, has applied for these patents, in relation to the development of the system used. to follow the digital assets obtained through the system of online games. This is finally done with the good help of blockchain based technology. Here, it is important to get more information about what is being said.

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Sony, based in Japan, is a Japanese multinational corporation with global technology capabilities. When it comes to games and PlayStation, the company is famous all over the world for its consoles. The cutting edge and advanced technology it uses is what sets it apart from other packs. The tech giant gives the online gambling world a pleasant surprise after another for many years now with great success. The fact that Sony applied for a license, on the other hand, shows that the company is now looking for and intends to create its own niche in the ever-expanding competitive field of the game industry.

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