The Ultimate Guide To The Quilvius (QUIL) Token

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Easy access to all information on the internet has led to the spread of pirated publications of books, copyrighted videos, music, and similar resources. This situation might not pose a problem for the users of the pirated information but has caused financial losses for the publishers, writers, and those who serve in this sector.

The Quilvius (QUIL) project is being implemented to solve these publication problems. The project looks to gather both publishers and users under the same platform and allow both to provide the highest quality services and monetize the services provided by these people. The Quilvius (QUIL) project targets authors, readers, investors, and translators, bringing them and their services into the cryptocurrency world.

What is the Quilvius (QUIL) project?

The Quilvius (QUIL) project is a project which is not aimed at making money but is concerned solely with cultural services. In other words, the Quilvius (QUIL) project aims at making people happy. Quilvius (QUIL) will allow individuals interested in community involvement to benefit from knowledge acquiring, creativity, engaging, sharing, story-telling, writing, and much more.

Quilvius (QUIL) also allows authors to maintain a passive income while selling as many books and articles as they usually do. The authors will continue to gain if individuals buy, read, or talk about their books on the Quilvius (QUIL) platform. The platform also aims at assisting readers in reading a book at a fraction of the cost without requiring them to look for pirated copies.

The Quilvius (QUIL) platform

The Quilvius (QUIL) project is based on the Binance smart chain (BSC) and brings together four kinds of users; the book readers, the authors, the translators, and the culture investors.

The book readers can access millions of books simultaneously, read online, or download the desired books to their mobile devices. The book readers will access endless sources of knowledge in the Quilvius world at a meager annual cost. 

The authors are content producers and can promote their books in the Metaverse universe reserved for them. The authors will earn a certain amount of money for each read of their books or articles. Authors will have their private page and receive advertisements in areas where they wish.

The translators will provide translation services in every language in the Metaverse prepared for them, and they will be able to respond to their translation requests on the platform. Translators can also provide translation services to authors who want to translate their books into a different language. 

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The culture investors are the leading players in the Quilvius (QUIL) project. They sponsor authors and share in the earnings of the best-selling books. The culture investors are also able to reach millions by advertising in the empty advertisement spaces in the Metaverse that users visit the most. 

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The Quilvius token (QUIL)

QUIL is the Quilvius (QUIL) project’s official token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The maximum supply of QUIL is 1,000,000,000 with an in-built redistribution mechanism. 3% of transactions on the platform are distributed to existing holders of QUIL, ensuring the increase in value held in wallets.

The Quilvius (QUIL) token will serve as the fuel that drives the platform and will be the default currency used to create, claim, purchase, and sell NFTs. The low transaction cost on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) makes it possible for anyone to transact on the platform at an affordable price. 

For authors, writers & publishers, and investors, this is an excellent opportunity to get the value of their works and earn profits by publishing and selling their creations and investing on the Quilvius (QUIL) platform.

The Quilvius (QUIL) platform also rewards token buyers with bonuses as it is on presale. For instance, if an individual purchases the QUIL token in the first stage of its presale using the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency, the user is rewarded with a 10% bonus for purchasing in the first stage and an extra 12% bonus for purchasing using BTC.

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