Tomorrow is Crucial for These 12 Altcoins: Here’s What to Watch For!

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The crypto market is set to kick off the new week with a bang. Tomorrow, June 24th, several cryptocurrencies and projects are poised for significant events. For investors tracking these developments, it promises to be a day full of activity. Here are the key happenings to keep an eye on in the crypto world on Monday, June 24th.

Major Events for Altcoin Projects

BingX: On Monday, the crypto exchange BingX will be listing three new cryptocurrencies: Worldwide USD (WUSD), Love Power Coin (LOVE), and Hedgehog in the Fog Coin (HIF). These new listings could lead to increased trading volume and visibility for these coins.

Metal DAO (MTL): Metal DAO is scheduled to upgrade its smart contracts on Monday. This upgrade aims to enhance the platform’s performance and security, potentially boosting user confidence and engagement.

COTI (COTI): The COTI community will vote on a new treasury fee model proposal on Monday. The outcome of this vote could significantly influence COTI’s financial structure and long-term sustainability.

Zcash (ZEC): Starting Monday, Zcash will hold a weighted vote on the developer fund. This vote will determine future funding for Zcash development projects, impacting the ecosystem’s growth.

Tomorrow is Crucial for These 12 Altcoins Here’s What to Watch For!

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Cronos (CRO): The Cronos community will vote on burning 50 million CRO tokens starting Monday. If approved, this burn could reduce the total supply of CRO, potentially increasing its value.

Crypto Hub (HUB): On Monday evening at 22:00, Crypto Hub will host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with BoundlessPay, a groundbreaking mobile banking app. This session will shed light on how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial sector.

Zetrix (ZETRIX): At 15:00 (UTC) on Monday, Zetrix founder Dato’ Fadzli Shah will conduct an AMA session on Telegram. This event will provide valuable insights into the Zetrix project and its future plans. (SFUND): The RUNI token sale will take place on the Seedify Launchpad from Monday to Tuesday. This sale offers investors a chance to get in early on the project.

Silly Dragon (SILLY): The launch of the SPL404 PFP NFT collection concludes on Monday, potentially invigorating the digital collectibles market.

Tomorrow is Crucial for These 12 Altcoins Here’s What to Watch For!

Other Developments to Watch

In addition to these highlighted events, various other developments involving different cryptocurrencies are expected on Monday. These events can drive market movements and influence investor decisions. Staying informed about these changes is crucial for anyone involved in the crypto space. By keeping an eye on these activities, investors can better navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.


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