19 Year Old Victor Langlois Has Made Almost $50 Million From NTFs

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Transsexual youngster Victor Langlois (nom de plume “FEWOCIiOUS“) has purportedly made almost $50 million in minimal more than a year from the offer of his non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As per a report by NBC News, the 19-year-old first achived standard notoriety after his actual fine arts and NFTs were sold for $2.16 million at Christie’s sale house in New York. The assortment, which was named “Hi, i’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This is My Life” investigated Victor’s experience growing up and orientation progress.

19 Year Old Victor Langlois Has Made Almost $50 Million From NTFs = The Bit Journal

Langlois has proceeded to make a few all the more high profile deals in NFT craftsmanship, including selling almost $20 million worth of computerized workmanship in 24 hours back in April. The report says the deal addressed the third-biggest in history for NFT commercial center Nifty Gateway.

Langlois told Fortune at that point:

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As per NBC’s report, Langlois’ most memorable NFT assortment zeroed in on his life from ages 14 to 18, including his experience being eliminated from an oppressive family and living with his grandparents in las Vegas. Langlois said at the time he was reluctant to emerge as transsexual to strict relatives.

Clearly, he told Christie’s back motel June 2021 that his grandma attempted to comprehend his imaginative interests, saying that she rather envisioned him taking a safer profession way:

19 Year Old Victor Langlois Has Made Almost $50 Million From NTFs = The Bit Journal

He additionally let Fortune know that his fantasy is “to draw” and not “to unwind and sit idle.”

In December 2021, Langlois told Coinbase in a meeting that NFTs instructed him that “workmanship doesn’t need to a still paint.” On April 20, Coinbase reported that its NFT commercial center — Coinbase NFT — had been sent off sent off in beta.


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