Cat Lover Girl’s Purrfect Story: 9 Year Old Young Girl’s Love of Cat and NFTs

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Conceived out of adoration for her feline Molly, 9-year-old Amelia sent off her own NFT assortment Ami’s Cats last year, raising more than $2,000 for noble cause supporting creature government assistance and Ukrainian youngster evacuees.

For every one of the pessimistic accounts that flow the standard outlook seeing nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as minimal more than method for blowing up free enterprise standards, now and again projects arise that invalidate those outright suppositions, and act as tokens of the substance, soul and establishing reason for the space.

Cat Lover Girl's Purrfect Story: 9 Year Old Young Girl’s Love of Cat and NFTs = The Bit Journal

For Amelia, a 9-year-old Polish young lady with an adorable commitment to cats, and a sprouting imaginative interest, her revelation of NFTs empowered the valuable chance to develop her inclinations into a computerized purposeful venture.

Cointelegraph plunked down with Amelia and her dad, Marcin to examine the significance of nurturing youngsters on the worth of cash, how to perceive and bridle their inventive gifts for good, as well as find out about the motivation of Ami’s Cats.

Amelia’s mom is a clerk for an Irish organization, while Marcin is a self-named business person with a foundation in visual communication and item fabricating, who currently works a web based business consultancy business exhorting venders on Amazon and Shopify.

Cat Lover Girl's Purrfect Story: 9 Year Old Young Girl’s Love of Cat and NFTs = The Bit Journal

Occupants of Galway, Ireland for a considerable length of time, the family moved back to home in Poland a long time back. Imaginative and unique, Marcin depicts their nurturing style as one which advances useful learning over instructive educating.

An inquisitive youngster, Amelia took an unobtrusive interest in her dad’s work-from-home business — following diagrams, monetary bookkeeping sheets and so forth — however it was only after he started perusing little pictures of doodle craftsmanship, did she become really entranced.

Marcin claims a NFT from Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends Series 1 assortment, an Aspiring Alpaca with an intriguing foundation. To buy another from the assortment would have cost around 18 Ether (ETH) at that point, too costly to even consider buying, so together they chose to make an assortment for Amelia:

“I felt that it would be really smart to attempt to present her. I assume the most effective way to learn is to do. As opposed to watch one more video on YouTube — like how does one or the other work, we chose to really attempt to send off something together […] so I was like OK, you draw a few cards, I will do the PC wizardry, we’ll assemble it and see what works out.”

Cat Lover Girl's Purrfect Story: 9 Year Old Young Girl’s Love of Cat and NFTs = The Bit Journal

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In August 2021, Ami’s Cats was conceived — a 200-piece assortment of NFT exchanging cards portraying different shaggy companion pictures like Cosmic Cat, Colorful Cat and Cyber Cat, among others. Her folks assisted with setting up the specialized part on the blockchain, while she drew the work of art. The assortment at present has 98 proprietors with a complete volume of 14 ETH.

A new participant of VeeCon, and glad for the way of life of benevolence radiating all through the local area, Marcin talks about the manners by which he and his better half are endeavoring to improve on the topic of crypto into edible organizations.

That’s what he says albeit the discussion of blockchain is excessively mind boggling for Amelia at her age, she has had the option to understand the idea of NFT possession, verification, and the powerlessness to duplicate different show-stoppers.

Close by this, the couple are glad to take on a cognizant way to deal with nurturing, with a sharp accentuation on what’s in store:

“We accept that children ought to learn things that will be required from here on out, as opposed to our thought process is required at this point. Thus, in the event that you contemplate the school system […] you want to foresee what they need to know when they leave the school, not what they need to know when they really learn.”

It was as of now in the meeting that Ameila enjoyed some time off from composing a book on cats to talk on screen. She was justifiably bashful gathering a renewed individual interestingly, yet lovely and friendly in discussion.

She talked about her #1 feline from the assortment — the brilliant one — on the grounds that “they are so gorgeous”, and the book she’s expounding on her genuine cat, Molly.

“We need to get more children associated with Ami’s Cats adaptation two”, she says. “They will variety a format and we’re utilizing the layout on the body of the cats.”

Ami’s Cats V2 will look to draw in kids and guardians in a printable shading activity to make the bodies, otherwise called skins, and consequently extraordinariness sorts of the subsequent assortment.

“It’s ideal to meet you, as well”, Amelia answered as she said farewell, and gave the earphones back to her dad.


The debut assortment of Ami’s Cat swore and gave 30% of the sovereignties, generally comparing to $2,000, to Cat Rescue good cause picked by their Discord people group.

At the point when the Ukrainian struggle broke out, the family talked with their venture local area and all in all consented to turn assets from feline foundations to supporting youngsters getting away from Ukraine. It seemed like a superior strategy as of now, Marcin said.


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