AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop: Second Round Begins with a Promise of Blockchain Innovation

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AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop

AgentLayer, a decentralized network for autonomous AI agents, has launched the second phase of its Testnet Airdrop campaign. Officials say the AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop milestone signifies AgentLayer’s commitment to transforming blockchain technology. Supported by top venture capitalists and crypto funds like GGV, Hash Global, and Woori Bank, the initiative aims to enhance community engagement and foster innovation.

Following a successful first airdrop in April, which garnered widespread community participation, AgentLayer aims to build on this momentum with a more ambitious second round. The campaign will distribute a total of 100,000,000 $AGENT20 tokens, attracting new members and rewarding existing supporters who have contributed to the platform’s growth.

The upcoming snapshot for the AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop is scheduled for July 20th at 0:00 UTC, with token distribution expected to begin within 14 working days after that. This approach acknowledges current participants’ dedication and strategically aims to expand AgentLayer’s user base and ecosystem.

AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop Participation Criteria

To qualify for the second round of the AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop, participants must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Social Media Engagement: Follow AgentLayer’s official Twitter, Telegram, and Discord accounts to stay updated with the latest developments and announcements.
  1. On-chain Activity: Complete daily on-chain sign-in tasks for a minimum of 15 days before the snapshot date. This requirement ensures active participation and engagement within the AgentLayer community.
  1. Accumulate AgentLayer Points: To qualify for token distribution, you must accumulate a minimum of 50,000 AgentLayer Points through various activities and contributions. These points reflect your level of involvement and commitment to the platform’s ecosystem.

Exclusive Bonuses for Active Contributors

In addition to the general participation criteria, AgentLayer is offering exclusive bonuses to recognize and incentivize specific contributions:

APGN Node Holders: Participants who have acquired APGN Nodes, part of AgentLayer’s innovative node program launched in early June, will receive additional airdrops. The APGN Node program, which has already raised over $5 million, continues to attract interest as a pivotal component of AgentLayer’s ecosystem.

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Community Mods or Contributors: Active moderators and contributors within the AgentLayer community will also be eligible for extra token rewards. This initiative acknowledges their efforts to foster a supportive and collaborative environment.

Referral Program: Participants can further increase their token rewards by referring friends and colleagues to join AgentLayer using personalized invitation links. This program not only expands AgentLayer’s reach but also incentivizes community-driven growth.

AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop
AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop

Future Outlook for the AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop

As AgentLayer continues to innovate and expand its capabilities, the future appears promising for both the project and the broader Web3 industry. AgentLayer is positioned at the forefront of driving efficiency, collaboration, and transparency within digital ecosystems by facilitating the coordination of autonomous AI agents and pioneering decentralised governance standards.

The second round of AgentLayer Testnet Airdrop marks the beginning of several exciting developments for AgentLayer. These initiatives underscore the platform’s commitment to advancing blockchain technology while fostering a dynamic and inclusive community of participants.

About AgentLayer

AgentLayer is a protocol and public blockchain leveraging the OP Stack to facilitate autonomous AI agent coordination with human oversight. Through its innovative approach and steadfast commitment to advancing blockchain’s potential, AgentLayer aims to set new benchmarks in digital collaboration and governance.

AgentLayer is committed to building a robust and inclusive community,” emphasized Prof. LiuYang, co-founder of AgentLayer. “This airdrop is not only a way to reward our loyal supporters but also to welcome new participants who share our vision for the future of blockchain technology. “


In conclusion, AgentLayer’s second Testnet Airdrop campaign proves its commitment to rewarding community engagement and driving blockchain innovation. With a strong ecosystem and visionary leadership, AgentLayer is leading transformative advancements that redefine decentralized technologies, democratize access, enhance autonomous AI agents, and foster a more transparent and collaborative future for the industry. 

This initiative solidifies AgentLayer’s role as a pioneer in reshaping the blockchain landscape, setting new inclusivity and technological advancement benchmarks. As AgentLayer expands, it remains at the forefront of revolutionizing how decentralized technologies are utilized and accessed worldwide.


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