Bitcoin Price Prediction: 10x Research Warns of Dramatic Crash to $50,000

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Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin faces a potential price crash to $50,000, warns 10x Research, driven by dwindling buy flows and accelerating sell flows reshaping market sentiment. Recent dip below $60,000 support prompts further decline concerns. Analysts note market correction signs since June, with Markus Thielen highlighting pivotal $60,000 breach and global investor sentiment impacts amid liquidity issues and regulatory scrutiny.

Bitcoin Price Prediction
Bitcoin Price Prediction-Source: 10x Research

Market Sentiment Shift as Bitcoin Drops

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a significant shift as Bitcoin’s price plunges below the critical $60,000 threshold, raising concerns of further decline to $50,000. Analysts at 10x Research, including Markus Thielen, highlight signs of an overbought market since June, suggesting an imminent correction.

Markus Thielen, an analyst at 10x Research, indicates that the downward trend was predictable: “Our data from early June already hinted at an overbought market ripe for correction.” 

Thielen emphasized breaking the $60,000 support level as a pivotal moment, marking a substantial shift in market sentiment. The report points to diminishing buy flows and a surge in sell flows as primary drivers of Bitcoin’s current downturn. With sellers rushing to liquidate their holdings, Bitcoin’s price could potentially plummet to $50,000 in the near term.

Investor Confidence Shaken: Effects of Bitcoin’s 5.44% Price Drop on Liquidity

The sudden 5.44% drop in Bitcoin’s price has had a profound impact on investor sentiment and market liquidity. This decline is evident in Bitcoin’s $1.1 billion market capitalization loss and a 57% surge in trading volume, reflecting heightened trading activity amid uncertainty.

Reports indicate that breaching crucial support levels for Bitcoin miners and spot Bitcoin ETF buyers may trigger accelerated price declines. The expected commencement of Mt. Gox’s $8.5 billion Bitcoin repayments in July adds to market instability, compounding sell-off pressures.

The 10x Research report states that after breaking the $60,000 support “Only ill-informed traders are willing to buy Bitcoin at this point”, indicating a potential lack of confidence in the market. Analysts caution against complacency, advising investors to prioritize risk management amid ongoing market volatility. 

Bitcoin: Long-Term Holders Profit Amid Market Uncertainty

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Long-term Bitcoin holders are capitalizing on significant profits, intensifying selling pressure. IT Tech’s analysis highlights a spent output profit ratio (SOPR) exceeding 10 on July 3, indicating profit-taking by holders who’ve retained their BTC for five to seven years.

The decision to sell underscores prevailing market uncertainty. 10x Research advises caution, emphasizing the need for vigilant risk management strategies amid anticipated volatility.

Regulatory and Macro-economic Implications

The regulatory environment and macro-economic factors also influence Bitcoin’s price trajectory. Recent statements from regulatory bodies, including the SEC and FDIC, have underscored concerns over market stability and investor protection. Heightened scrutiny could further dampen investor confidence, leading to increased selling pressure.

Moreover, global macro-economic trends, such as inflation concerns and central bank policies, are shaping investor sentiment towards cryptocurrencies. The Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates and economic stimulus measures will likely impact Bitcoin’s appeal as a hedge against traditional financial assets.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: $60K Support Break Signals Bearish Trend

Technical analysts are closely monitoring Bitcoin’s key support and resistance levels. The breach of critical support at $60,000 signals a bearish trend, with potential downside targets at $55,000 and $50,000 if selling pressure persists.

Market sentiment indicators, such as the Fear and Greed Index, reflect extreme fear among investors, suggesting a cautious outlook in the short term. To mitigate risks effectively, traders are advised to remain nimble and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.


Bitcoin’s price outlook remains uncertain as 10x Research warns of a potential crash to $50,000. Dwindling buy flows, accelerating sell flows, regulatory scrutiny, and macro-economic factors collectively contribute to heightened market volatility and investor apprehension.

The coming weeks will be pivotal in determining Bitcoin’s price trajectory. Analysts and traders alike prepare for continued turbulence, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making and robust risk management strategies amid evolving market dynamics. 

Investors are urged to stay vigilant and agile in their approach to navigating the uncertain landscape of cryptocurrency markets. As Bitcoin faces these challenges, its underlying technology’s resilience and role in the broader digital asset landscape will continue to be scrutinized. For the latest updates in crypto news, stay informed with BIT Journal.



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