Bitfarms Online Hashrate Surges by 21% Hitting a Mining Milestone in June 2024 

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Bitfarms online hashrate

In June, Bitfarms significantly increased its online hashrate to 10.4 exahashes per second, a 39% increase from the previous month. During this period, Bitfarms also achieved a notable 21% month-on-month increase in Bitcoin production. The news sources reported that the company mined a total of 189 BTC, with 134 BTC sold for $8.8 million. As of July 1, Bitfarms holds 905 BTC in its treasury, valued at approximately $57 million.

However, the company experienced a 51% decline in production compared to June 2023, largely attributed to the recent halving event which reduced the block subsidy by 50%.

Hashrate Expansion and Strategic Development

Based in Canada, Bitfarms expanded its installed hashrate to 11.4 exahashes per second in June, with 10.4 EH/s operational. The company remains on track to achieve its goal of reaching 21 EH/s by the end of 2024. The Bitfarms Online Hashrate surge represents a significant 96% year-on-year and 39% month-on-month increase in hashrate.

Ben Gagnon, Chief Mining Officer at Bitfarms, highlighted the company’s focus on updating its mining fleet in 2024. Approximately 39,000 new, more efficient miners were installed, while 39,000 older, less efficient units were decommissioned. This initiative has notably expanded Bitfarms’ hashrate and improved energy efficiency and gross mining margins across its operations.

Expansion into the United States and Operational Challenges

Bitfarms also expanded its operations with a new 120-megawatt site in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Once fully operational, this facility will support an additional 8 EH/s of mining capacity. However, mining activities at the Paso Pe facility in Paraguay were temporarily disrupted in June due to severe weather conditions.

The increase in Bitfarms’ hashrate signifies enhanced mining capabilities for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). A higher hashrate improves the network’s security and transaction processing speed. For Bitcoin, this translates to a more robust network resistant to attacks, while for Ethereum, it supports faster execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps).

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With its expanded infrastructure and increased hashrate reported in the crypto update, Bitfarms strengthens its competitive position in the global cryptocurrency mining sector. This allows the company to capitalize on favourable market conditions and optimize its profitability through efficient mining operations.

Bitfarms online hashrate
Bitfarms online hashrate

Market Dynamics and Sentiment with Bitfarms Online Hashrate 

Investors closely monitor Bitfarms’ hashrate expansions as indicators of its operational efficiency and growth potential. Various sources state that a higher hashrate not only enhances Bitfarms’ ability to mine cryptocurrencies effectively but also reinforces investor confidence in the company’s long-term viability and strategic direction.

During the month in the latest crypto news, Bitfarms faced acquisition attempts from Riot Platforms, one of its major competitors. Riot made a $950 million buyout offer in mid-June, acquiring a 14.9% stake in Bitfarms by June 24. However, attempts to increase its stake to 15% or more were thwarted. Riot also unsuccessfully sought to replace three members of Bitfarms’ board of directors. In response, Bitfarms added a new board member to strengthen its defences against further takeover attempts.


With significant increases in online hashrate, strategic expansions, and adjustments in response to market events and competitive pressures, Bitfarms remains poised for further growth and resilience in the evolving crypto landscape. The enhanced hashrate not only strengthens Bitfarms’ operational capabilities but also reinforces its position as a key player in the global crypto mining industry. As Bitfarms expands its infrastructure and improves efficiency, it stands to benefit from greater profitability and continued investor confidence. Moving forward, The BIT Journal suggests that Bitfarms’ strategic initiatives and robust performance metrics will be closely watched as indicators of its ongoing success and leadership in the crypto mining sector.



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