Crypto Whale Activity – Whale Deposits $3.8M PENDLE to Binance, Market Awaits Reaction

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Crypto Whale Activity - Whale Deposits $3.8M PENDLE to Binance, Market Awaits Reaction

A crypto whale activity has taken the spotlight. A whale recently moved $3.8 million worth of PENDLE tokens to Binance. Lookonchain indicates that the transaction involved 1.1 million PENDLE tokens. The Whale retains 1 million PENDLE tokens, which equates to about $3.5 million. This issue has raised concern among experts who believe that such whale activities could upset the market and cause negative behaviours on the network. 

Recently, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) whales have been spotted making large withdrawals, but Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have strong foundations that support them firmly. This whale employed many strategies, and the BIT Journal is here to provide you with all the details of this crypto update. 

Crypto Whale Activity – Accumulation and Strategy

The latest crypto news indicates that the crypto whale activity was well-planned and strategized. The whale crypto activity went beyond just recent transfers. Between February 9 and April 27, 2023, the whale initiated a massive accumulation of 3.44 million PENDLE tokens. These transactions were done on centralized and decentralized exchanges to maximize the number of tokens secured. The average purchase price during the whale’s purchase period was $0.32 per PENDLE. This plan exposes one thing: the investor is signalling to sell a large portion of their holdings. Experts on the latest crypto news note that large whale sales can impact market prices and sentiments. Some investors are watching closely, waiting for a price movement to make a move. 

Market Impact and Reactions

Whales who invested in PENDLE from the initial stage have enjoyed great returns. The strategic positioning of these investors has paid off significantly. PENDLE has experienced significant growth in the past year, leading to a bullish sentiment. Investors watched the token surge from $0.92 last year to $7.50 in April 2024. Even though the price is at $3.54 now, experts remain optimistic that PENDLE has the chance of surpassing its all-time high soon. 

PENDLE has asserted itself as a good investment and has become a hot topic of interest among whales and other investors. Dawn Crypto, a famous crypto trader, remarked on the growth of PENDLE, stating: 

“PENDLE has been giving up a lot of its gains recently. From one of the strongest performers to one of the weakest. I’m watching the reaction at these lows and might be interested in whether we can hold on to these May lows. For now, no position,” 

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The crypto whale activity has spotlighted PENDLE, and experts liken these to big tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), indicating the significance of such whale activities. 

Crypto Whale Activity
Crypto Whale Activity – Whale Deposits $3.8M PENDLE to Binance, Market Awaits Reaction

Pendle Finance’s Unique Approach

Yield Trading Protocol

Pendle Finance adopts an Ethereum-based yield protocol for PENDLE. The unique farming method has allowed the digital asset to remain unique. Pendle permits investors to trade tokens while gaining significant yields by segmenting assets into Principal Tokens and Yield Tokens. This model has enhanced Pendle’s popularity within the DeFi space.

Recent Developments

The crypto whale activity on the PENDLE network has resulted in conversations among experts who debate the move’s effects. Last Thursday, Pendle’s total value locked (TVL) dropped 40% as several markets expired. Since Wednesday, users have withdrawn nearly $3 billion, primarily in liquid restaking tokens. Several markets, including Ether.Fi (eETH) and Renzo’s (ezETH) expired recently, leading to withdrawals. Investors could roll their tokens into new markets, but the incentives were less appealing.


The crypto whale activity is the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency space. Investors are making predictions on how the recent whale activity can affect the future of the token. Even though there is optimism, indicators point out that there may be unpredictable behaviour soon. Experts note that when such a big deposit is made, the market experiences a shift. The BIT journal details this crypto update to enable you to make informed decisions.


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