Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) Gains Listing on 7 Major Exchanges: Bybit, KuCoin & More – Start Trading Now!

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Data Ownership Protocol

In a significant development for the blockchain community, the Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) has officially launched on seven major cryptocurrency exchanges, marking a pivotal moment for decentralized data management. This move not only enhances liquidity and accessibility but also underscores DOP’s commitment to empowering users with control over their data, starting July 5th, 2024.

Milestone Listing Across Leading Exchanges

DOP’s token, symbolized as $DOP will commence trading on  Bybit, KuCoin, HTX, Bitfinex,, MEXC, and WhiteBIT from July 5th, 2024. Each exchange will handle the listing uniquely, with Bybit adopting $DOP1 to distinguish it from existing fiat coins, while others will list it under the straightforward $DOP denomination. This strategic multi-exchange listing aims to enhance liquidity and accessibility for global investors seeking innovative blockchain solutions.

The Journey from Testnet Success to Mainnet Launch

Officials confirm that DOP recently transitioned from a successful testnet phase, engaging 2.67 million users, to its mainnet launch just six weeks ago. The protocol has seen remarkable growth during this period, boasting over 1 million active wallets and securing assets exceeding $10 million USD through its robust data encryption mechanisms. This surge underscores the escalating demand for user-centric data management solutions within the blockchain ecosystem.

Vision and Utility of $DOP Token

“$DOP serves as the backbone of the Data Ownership Protocol, empowering users to take control of their data with enhanced transparency and privacy,” stated Kohji Hirokado, co-founder of DOP and former core member at Cardano. The utility token facilitates transaction fees within the DOP ecosystem and rewards community participation. Its fee structure encourages token retention and implements deflationary measures through fee burning, while staking initiatives have already seen over 1.1 billion DOP tokens actively staked, highlighting strong investor confidence.

Strategic Integration and Expansion Plans

The listing coincides with Bybit’s ascension to the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, surpassing Coinbase and closely trailing Binance. Its market share has doubled from 8% to 16% since October 2023. This positioning underscores Bybit’s growing influence in global crypto markets and its strategic alignment with emerging blockchain projects like DOP.

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Looking ahead, DOP has unveiled an ambitious roadmap for the second half of 2024, following a successful Q1 performance. Key initiatives include a $5 million developer grant program to expand protocol capabilities and integrate with EVM-compatible chains beyond Ethereum. These efforts aim to reduce transaction costs and broaden access to a wider user base, enhancing scalability and usability.

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) Gains Listing on 7 Major Exchanges: Bybit, KuCoin & More - Start Trading Now!
Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) Gains Listing on 7 Major Exchanges: Bybit, KuCoin & More – Start Trading Now!

Innovating Data Security and NFT Management

In addition to infrastructure upgrades, DOP plans to introduce a developer SDK to streamline dApp integration within its ecosystem. Enhanced security features will focus on secure management of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), extending encryption and decryption capabilities from ERC-20 tokens to encompass NFT assets. These advancements aim to bolster user confidence and expand utility across various digital asset classes.

About Data Ownership Protocol (DOP)

Founded on the principles of decentralized data management, DOP empowers individuals and businesses alike to retain control over their digital footprint. In an era where blockchain transparency coexists with heightened privacy concerns, DOP leverages advanced technologies such as zero-knowledge cryptography to offer users selective transparency without compromising data security.

DOP’s commitment to enhancing data ownership extends beyond its listing on leading exchanges. By setting new benchmarks in blockchain innovation and user empowerment, DOP aims to redefine the standards of data management within the digital economy.


The Data Ownership Protocol’s (DOP) listing on seven major cryptocurrency exchanges marks a significant step forward in decentralized data management. With $DOP now available on platforms like Bybit, KuCoin, and others, users gain enhanced access to a platform designed for transparency, privacy, and user empowerment.

As DOP expands its ecosystem and capabilities, including a developer grant program and integration with EVM-compatible chains, it aims to reduce costs, broaden accessibility, and innovate in data security and NFT management. For investors and enthusiasts, DOP’s presence on these exchanges offers new opportunities for engagement and growth within the decentralized data ecosystem. Stay tuned to BIT Journal for more updates as DOP continues to redefine data ownership in blockchain technology.



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