Digital Credentials Pilot: United Nations and ICP to Test Universal Trusted Credentials in Cambodia

Digital Credentials Pilot

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Digital Credentials PilotDigital Credentials Pilot

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has teamed with the Dfinity Foundation to start a trailblazing project in an aspirational attempt to include digital technology into global economic systems.

They are slated to lead the Universal Trusted Credentials (UTC) in Cambodia. This project is meant to build a strong framework for digital interactions, therefore improving the dependability and availability of digital credentials across borders.

Dfinity made a tweet on X FKA Twitter concerning their partnership with UNDP. “Partnership Announcement with @UNDPtech!”

According to news sources, this initiative in Cambodia is only the beginning of a larger vision encompassing a sustainable digital ecosystem spread across ten countries. The main objective of this programme is to improve the involvement of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) in the digital economy. This programme seeks to provide these companies with the tools and opportunities needed to flourish in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Digital Credentials Pilot: An Ecosystem in the Making

The UTC initiative represents a pivotal moment in digital transformation, leveraging blockchain technology to provide a secure, transparent credentialing system. This system is intended to simplify and streamline the process for MSMEs to engage in global trade and services by providing digital proof of identity, licenses, and trade records.

Dominic Williams, founder of the Dfinity Foundation, emphasizes the potential impact of this initiative: “MSMEs represent the backbone of most economies, and the UTC initiative represents a unique opportunity to bring transparency and increase inclusion within a financial system that often fails to cater to their needs.”

The pilot program in Cambodia is just the beginning. The plan is to extend this digital credentialing system to ten countries, ensuring a broad and inclusive platform that supports economic growth and innovation. The involvement of major financial institutions like the Singapore Monetary Authority and the Bank of Ghana in the development and proof-of-concept stages underscores the significant international commitment to the success of the UTC.

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Digital Credentials Pilot
Digital Credentials Pilot

Digital Credentials Pilot: Cambodia—Fertile Ground for Digital Innovation

Cambodia has been strategically chosen for this pilot due to its progressive approach towards digital technologies. The country has been actively involved in developing digital asset regulations in collaboration with the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance and has implemented its own quasi-central bank digital currency (CBDC), the Bakong currency. This digital currency has already gained international recognition and is being used on the Alipay retail network, serving as a model for other countries like Laos.

Furthermore, the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia’s collaboration with Binance showcases the country’s readiness to support innovative projects like the UTC. Such partnerships are crucial for establishing a regulatory environment that fosters the safe and effective integration of digital currencies and technologies in the mainstream financial system.

Digital Credentials Pilot: Internet Computer—Enhancing Digital Infrastructure

Designed by the Dfinity Foundation, the Internet Computer blockchain is poised to offer the required infrastructure to meet the UTC’s operational needs. This entails developing a decentralised ecosystem that substitutes for traditional cloud service providers, therefore improving digital transaction security and efficiency.

In June, Internet Computer introduced a new protocol whereby Web3 users may independently authenticate their identities via a passkey system that operates independently of wallets. This innovation is part of a broader effort to make digital interactions more user-friendly and secure, particularly for government agencies and enterprises that require robust cybersecurity measures.

Dfinity on X
Dfinity on X

Digital Credentials Pilot: Pioneering Digital Transformation Globally

In conclusion, the UNDP’s pilot of Universal Trusted Credentials in Cambodia is more than just a test of new technology—it is a forward-thinking venture that could redefine how businesses operate globally. This project aims to create a more inclusive and efficient global digital economy by integrating advanced blockchain solutions and fostering international cooperation.

As this digital credentials pilot progresses, staying updated on its developments is crucial. The BIT Journal remains your go-to source for the latest updates on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and innovative digital projects like the UTC. Whether you’re a stakeholder in the financial sector, a tech enthusiast, or simply keen on the future of digital economies, this publication offers insightful analyses and updates that keep you informed on the cutting edge of technology.


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