Dogwifhat Bearish Trend Leads to (WIF) Low Bulls Support as Meme Coin Chases New Low

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Dogwifhat Bearish Trend

The Dogwifhat bearish trend has been on the latest crypto news. Dogwifhat (WIF) is a popular meme coin that has experienced a downturn that has raised many questions. Trading at $1.78, Dogwifhat is reportedly the seventh most valuable crypto, with the most losses within 24 hours. A recent crypto update mentioned that it would be difficult for $WIF to meet the ranks of Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH). The decline has led to selling pressure from investors who do not want to chase losses. The BIT Journal, based on available data, notes that the meme coin struggles to maintain a bullish sentiment. 

Dogwifhat Falls Below Support

In the latest crypto news, Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH) have seen highs and lows. However, according to news sources, unlike the Bitcoin price, Dogwifhat’s bearish trend has led to a 13% dip within 24 hours. The bearish trend emerged from the coin, hitting critical highs and lows on the daily chart. The meme coin faced resistance at $2.62  and found support at $2.37. As the buying and selling pressure declined, the bulls failed to put in any support. 

Market Reactions

When an asset’s price falls below support, selling pressure overwhelms buying pressure. Bitcoin prices have shown the same pattern in the past. 

Experts pointed out that Despite the decline in WIF’s price in the past 24 hours, its trading volume has spiked. Totalling $621 million at press time, it has risen by 101% during the period under review. Dogwifhat (WIF) bearish trend points out that the asset’s price dips while its trading volume increases significantly. This indicates that many investors are selling their assets, thus leading to a steeper decline. 

Technical Analysis and Indicators

Parabolic Stop and Reverse (SAR) Indicator

Readings from WIF’s Parabolic Stop and Reverse (SAR) indicator show a shift in the market reaction from bearish to bullish. Available data shows that the indicator dots rest on the token’s price after an eight-day window. The indicator points at the asset’s trend direction and possible comeback points. When the dots are above the asset’s price, a decline will happen; should this continue, WIF’s price may drop to $1.71.

Dogwifhat Bearish Trend
Dogwifhat Bearish Trend

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Potential Support and Resistance Levels

Based on available data, the latest crypto news suggests that the support and resistance levels are important in analysing the potential future movements of any coin. The Dogwifhat bearish trend has reportedly led to a decline, falling below its previous support level of $2.37, which now stands as a resistance. Crypto enthusiasts and analysts believe this is due to the bitcoin price and its influence on the general crypto market. 

Market Sentiment and Future Outlook

Impact on Traders and Investors

The recent Dogwifhat bearish trend has stirred doubt and concern among traders and investors. Analysts say the surge in trading volume during the price drop indicates a growing bearish sentiment. The bearish trend suggests that more traders are relinquishing their holdings. Officials note that this has not been the case with Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH), as traders barely give in to selling pressure. 

“A bearish divergence occurs when an asset’s price dips while its trading volume surges. This suggests that many market participants are selling their holdings due to the price drop, further sustaining the downtrend.” Stated Luis Blanco, a crypto writer for BeInCrypto. 

Future Price Predictions

Looking at the present state of the Dogwifhat bearish trend, it is easy to speculate that the downward decline will likely continue. If the price fails to hit the previous support level of $2.37, the meme coin will fall to the $1.71 mark. Traders are advised to monitor the activities of these meme coins closely. 


The Dogwifhat bearish trend is due to a lack of support from the bulls and its inability to hit new highs while flooding the market with more volume. The latest crypto news has recorded a 13% price dip. The break below the support level signals a potential continuation of the downtrend. WIF’s price may continue to decline due to increased trading volume during the price drop and bearish technical indicators. Traders and investors are advised to stay vigilant and consider the potential support and resistance levels when making decisions.


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