Horizon Protocol Perpetual Futures Launch Promises Unmatched Trading Experience

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Using synthetic assets, Horizon Protocol is a decentralized derivatives trading and liquidity system that offers dispersed access to the real-world economy. Users of Horizon Protocol may access swaps and perpetual futures of RWA (real-world assets), including commodities (e.g., gold, silver, etc.) and fiat (e.g., USD, EUR, JPY, etc.).

Horizon Protocol can provide DeFi traders cheap fees, great liquidity, and 0% slippage when trading borderless synthetic assets using a peer-to-peer paradigm whereby a counter-party is unnecessary. Horizon Protocol distinguishes itself by emphasizing flawless UI/UX and teaching materials to enable the community to grasp the power of DeFi variants.

Horizon Protocol’s Futures offer cheap fees, great liquidity, and zero slippage with lightning speed. It is a distributed perpetual futures market unique from other distributed exchanges (DEX). The outstanding trading UX gives traders one of the fastest and smoothest on-chain trading experiences ever.

Horizon Protocol allows everyone to access synthetic assets, therefore facilitating trade in the real-world economy. On the spot exchange, it now provides real-world assets (RWA), including commodities (gold, silver) and fiat currencies (USD, EUR, JPY). The protocol aims to incorporate a range of RWA trading pairings into its futures exchange, therefore increasing its inclusiveness and value for all traders.

  • Since its introduction in 2021, Horizon Protocol has developed a good history of security and product delivery. Now, through a collaboration with AlphaNet by Phoenix Global, the protocol is pioneering AI-powered trading in the distributed environment, therefore redefining AI trading in the market.

The Futures Mainnet deployment of Horizon Protocol marks only the beginning. Horizon Protocol wants to improve its offerings to traders, stakeholders, and DeFi users continually, providing a distinctive and potent experience.

Revolutionising DeFi with Horizon Protocol Perpetual Futures

Horizon Protocol perpetual futures introduce a new dimension to the decentralized finance space. This platform aims to address prevalent market issues by offering traders low fees, deep liquidity, zero slippage, and ultra-fast transaction speeds. These features are designed to provide a seamless and efficient trading experience.

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High transaction fees have been a significant concern for traders using both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Horizon Protocol perpetual futures address this issue by offering lower fees, which can make trading more accessible and potentially more profitable for users.

Liquidity is another important aspect in which Horizon Protocol aims to excel. Deep liquidity allows traders to execute large orders without causing significant price changes, which is particularly beneficial for high-frequency and institutional traders. The platform’s liquidity pools are designed to support the efficient trading of large volumes.

Horizon Protocol Perpetual Futures Launch: Offering Unmatched Trading Experience
Horizon Protocol Perpetual Futures Launch: Offering Unmatched Trading Experience

A notable feature of Horizon Protocol’s perpetual future is the commitment to zero slippage. Slippage, which is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual price, can affect profits and create uncertainty in trading. By eliminating slippage, Horizon Protocol aims to provide traders with the prices they expect, which can enhance trust and profitability.

Speed is a critical factor in trading, and Horizon Protocol leverages advanced blockchain technology to ensure fast transaction times. This quick processing allows traders to take advantage of market opportunities without delay. Combined with its other features, Horizon Protocol aims to offer a competitive trading experience.

Key Takeaways

Horizon Protocol emphasizes user experience through its intuitive interface and comprehensive educational materials. The platform is designed to be accessible for both novice and experienced traders. By offering resources and support, Horizon Protocol aims to help its community effectively understand and utilise DeFi and synthetic assets.

Since its launch in 2021, Horizon Protocol has focused heavily on security. The platform has maintained a track record of security and product delivery. Its collaboration with AlphaNet by Phoenix Global introduces AI-powered trading, enhancing the platform’s capabilities and expanding the scope of AI trading in the decentralised environment.

The launch of Horizon Protocol perpetual futures is part of the platform’s broader continuous improvement and innovation strategy. The platform aims to expand its offerings and provide value to traders, stakers, and DeFi users. With these features, Horizon Protocol is positioned to significantly influence the DeFi landscape.


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