Paraguay Crypto Mining High Electricity Rates Impede the Growth of Bitcoin Mining Companies in the Country

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Paraguay Crypto Mining Electricity rates, Potentially Affecting the Permanence of Bitcoin Mining Companies in the Country

The increase in Paraguay crypto mining electricity rates has caused much debate and concern in the crypto community. The National Power Administration of Paraguay (ANDE) has reportedly made crypto mining more difficult by shooting the power fees by 14%; this makes it harder for miners to make any profits from mining activities. A recent crypto update indicates that the rise has caused disruptions as investors have begun to pull out. Officials say a company planning to invest over $400 million has exited the country due to a lack of clarity regarding crypto regulatory laws. Experts are concerned that the effect of this event may affect big coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). 

Increase in Power Tariffs

Impact on Crypto Mining Operations

Crypto mining can be power-consuming; however, the combined energy consumption of crypto mining annually does not equate to the power consumption of most big tech companies. However, crypto mining has been a common target for power-related issues. The National Power Administration of Paraguay (ANDE) has announced increased power tariffs for Bitcoin (BTC),  Ethereum (ETH), and general cryptocurrency mining operations in the country. This move threatens the permanence of these mining companies with a solid base in the country. 

A recent crypto update from a local media source suggests that ANDE raised power tariffs for crypto asset mining, blockchain, token, and data centres by 14%, potentially making it impossible for investors to profit from such activities. ANDE declared the increase in power fees on June 26, explaining the increases for each high power consumption group on Resolution 49238.

Industry Backlash

The Paraguay crypto mining electricity rates sparked protests from pro-Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) groups on social media platforms. The backlash from these top industry leaders was immediate, with elected politicians and senators criticizing the rate increase. Senator Salyn Buzarquis heavily criticized the action, mentioning that the increase indicated an “internal identity and contradiction problem in the Paraguayan government.” he further explained that this would affect future investments in Paraguay. Buzarquis emphasized that the action was unfair because huge sums of money were invested by these companies in Paraguay. 

He declared:

“Which is the message? You are not welcome; go somewhere else! It is killing the business before the great wave of investments through the waterfall effect has been born.”

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Paraguay Crypto Mining Electricity Rates
Paraguay Crypto Mining Electricity Rates

Investor Concerns on Paraguay Crypto Mining Electricity Rates

Company Withdrawals

In a recent crypto update on X, the vice president of the Paraguayan Chamber of Digital Asset Miners, Andy Jasmin, reportedly stated that the action has led to the departure of many investors who have begun investing in crypto mining. He stressed that the Paraguay crypto mining electricity rates could disrupt the economy as some unnamed companies withdrew investments worth over $400 million due to the instability. These investors have been promised a stable fee until at least 2028, and the action has broken trust and confidence. 

According to Andy, these actions reflected Paraguay’s lack of interest in Bitcoin (BTC) mining; investors are disappointed, which can affect Ethereum and the general altcoin market. He stated: 

“Because there is no legal security, contracts are not respected, there is no security for investment, and there is no security for betting on the country.”

Future Implications

The Paraguay crypto mining electricity rates issue has caused a significant decline in the number of investors in the cryptocurrency mining sector. Analysts believe nothing disrupts investors’ confidence more than unstable regulatory laws and inconsistent economic policies. Paraguay might also lose investors in different digital sectors as investors pull out large-scale investments. 


As the Paraguay crypto mining electricity rates increase, the number of investors decreases. The National Power Administration of Paraguay has caused a massive upset in the crypto community, leading to numerous investors pulling out large investments. 

The criticism from top voices in government positions underscores the importance of stable and consistent regulatory and economic policies in Paraguay. Experts and crypto enthusiasts believe the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) mining activities will arrive at zero in Paraguay if the rates are not reconsidered. The BIT Journal offers deeper insight into the shift in the economic policies in Paraguay. 


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