Telegram CEO Pavel Durov Post Sparks Speculation And Interest in Hamster Kombat

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Telegram CEO Pavel Durov Post Sparks Speculation And Interest in Hamster Kombat

A recent crypto update highlights the growing interest in and speculations about the tap-to-earn game Hamster Kombat. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov expressed his interest in Hamster Kombat in the latest crypto news. The implications of his statement have been analyzed, and analysts believe such a public show of interest could lead to significant impacts, such as surges in Bitcoin price, selling pressure, and so on. Some experts indicate this signals a collaboration between Telegram CEO Pavel Durov and Hamster Kombat. The BIT Journal offers you insight into this exciting crypto update. 

Durov’s Recent Post and Its Implications

Recently, Pavel Durov shared a video about the messaging app’s new updates on his official Telegram channel. He highlighted a shift in how people interact with mini-apps. “Now people can collapse apps and switch between them. In the future, this new bottom bar will also store web pages and other content for later reading. This update also introduces the ability for channel owners to publish paid photos and videos, which users can buy with Stars. Like mini app developers, channel owners can convert the Stars they collect into Toncoin, with virtually no commission from Telegram,” Durov noted via his Telegram account.

Community Reaction to Hamster Kombat

Durov’s video features Hamster Kombat, drawing massive attention from the community. The latest crypto news exposed that the Hamster Kombat team also commented on this post. “Looks like Pavel Durov was busy with new updates and just started playing Hamster Kombat! Pavel, please remember that upgrading your cards and increasing profit per hour is more important than the coin balance! And welcome to the Hamster Family,” the team wrote.

Understanding Hamster Kombat

Gameplay and Mechanics

Hamster Kombat allows players to manage a virtual crypto exchange by tapping on digital hamsters to earn coins. Players mine HMSTR coins by tapping “hamsters”. Earnings can be boosted by winning coins through the Daily Combo, subscribing to the game’s YouTube channel, or inviting friends. Special missions and daily check-ins offer extra coins, and players can upgrade their exchanges to increase their earning rate.

Popularity and User Base

According to sources, the latest crypto news reported that Hamster Kombat has surpassed 200 million users globally. The project also launched its Hamster Academy in 17 different languages. The community is eager for the long-promised airdrop.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov Post Sparks Speculation And Interest in Hamster Kombat
Telegram CEO Pavel Durov Post Sparks Speculation And Interest in Hamster Kombat

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Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s History with Tap-to-Earn Games

Previous Support for Notcoin

Based on available data, a crypto update published by The BIT Journal shows that Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has a history of showing interest in tap-to-earn games, further fueling the community’s speculation. In May, he publicly expressed his support for Notcoin (NOT), the pioneer tap-to-earn game on Telegram, illustrating how Notcoin quickly transformed from an in-game currency to real money for its users.

Significant Token Holdings

According to reports, it was stated that in the same month, Durov and his team received over 1 billion NOT tokens, valued at roughly $6.8 million at the time. He pledged to keep the tokens until their value increased 100 times, demonstrating his long-term commitment to the game’s success. Critics suggest that this move has been made on coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH) to cause selling pressure and amplify Bitcoin price in the market. 

Speculations and Potential Collaborations

Community Theories and Expectations

The crypto community is filled with speculation about what Durov’s interest in Hamster Kombat could mean. Some believe it could signal a partnership or integration between Telegram and Hamster Kombat. Others think Durov’s involvement might further boost the game’s popularity and user base.

Possible Outcomes for Hamster Kombat

If a collaboration were to happen, it could significantly impact Hamster Kombat’s growth and credibility. Telegram’s vast user base and Durov’s influence in the tech and crypto industries could propel Hamster Kombat to new heights. The impact could extend beyond meme coins to mainstream options such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH).


Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s recent post has stirred excitement and speculation within the crypto community. While the implications of his interest in Hamster Kombat remain unknown, the potential for collaboration and growth is significant.

Some community members suggest that this is a move to increase the selling pressure on Hamsters, whereas some believe it could allow Hamster to grow like Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC ETH). As the community continues to watch closely, The BIT journal, through available information, believes that the future of Hamster Kombat, supported by Durov’s influence, looks promising.


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