Unitap OG Pass Becomes a Gateway to Next-Gen DeFi on Bitcoin L1

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Unitap OG Pass

Unitap, an up-and-coming innovative ecosystem for engaging with TAP DeFi, has announced the launch of the Unitap OG Pass. Officials say this event marks a massive milestone in decentralised finance on the Bitcoin (BTC) L1 network.

In the latest crypto news, the Mint Presale event for the Unitap OG Pass is scheduled for July 3, 2024, at 4:00 PM. The Unitap OG Pass operates on the Bitcoin blockchain and has garnered a growing community with over 20,000 Twitter followers and nearly 6,000 Discord members.

Reported Exclusive Benefits for Unitap OG Pass Holders

The Unitap OG pass holders will have dedicated access to the features and advantages as follows. 

  • Airdrop of HUB Tokens and Runes: Unitap OG Pass holders will receive airdrops of HUB Tokens and Runes.
  • Zero Fees on Unitap Services: Holders will benefit from zero fees for all Unitap services.
  • Early Access: Passholders will gain early access to new features, promotions, and services.
  • Selective Community Membership: Unitap OG Pass holders will become members of an exclusive community.

Importantly, there is zero team allocation for the Unitap OG Pass – 100% goes to the community.

The minting of the Unitap OG Pass will begin on July 3, 2024. 

Unitap: The Central Hub for TAP DeFi

Unitap is positioning itself as the central hub for TAP DeFi, marking a pivotal moment in decentralized finance on Bitcoin L1. The TAP Protocol, a leader in DeFi and application building on Bitcoin L1, provides exceptional flexibility and possibilities for managing Ordinals at lower costs for both users and maintainers.

After a highly successful pre-sale on Coinlist and the backing of an enthusiastic and growing community, TAP is set to become a major player in the blockchain sector. Unitap’s mission is to create a seamless, user-friendly, and robust ecosystem for interacting with TAP, ensuring continuous support and development.

Addressing Critical Challenges

Despite its potential, the TAP ecosystem faces several critical challenges that must be addressed to foster widespread adoption and interaction:

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  • Lack of Basic Tooling: Currently, there is a noticeable absence of fundamental tools necessary for seamless interaction with the TAP Protocol.
  • Inter-Protocol Interaction: Limited platforms facilitate interaction between TAP and other protocols.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces: There is a clear need for easy-to-use platforms to interact with TAP Protocol’s native functions.
  • Dedicated TAP Hub: A comprehensive, dedicated hub for all things TAP (DeFi) with continuous and agile support is missing.

Unitap aims to address all these shortcomings.

Unitap OG Pass
Unitap OG Pass

Unitap’s Powerful Short-Term Roadmap

P2P Swap of TAP Tokens

In Q1 2024, Unitap introduced a smooth, decentralized interface for P2P, non-custodial swaps of TAP tokens.

Advanced Swap

By Q3 2024, Unitap will launch a platform for trading TAP token pairs, leveraging the protocol’s native functions.

Unitap Wallet

Set to go live in Q2 2024, the Unitap Wallet is a state-of-the-art browser extension compatible with Ordinals, enabling seamless interaction with the TAP Protocol. This functionality will be familiar to users of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) wallets.

Cross-Protocol Swaps

Also in Q3 2024, Unitap will facilitate non-custodial P2P swaps of TAP tokens with Runes and BRC20 assets.


Unitap is set to revolutionize the TAP DeFi ecosystem with the launch of the Unitap OG Pass. This initiative marks a significant advancement in decentralized finance on Bitcoin L1. The exclusive benefits for Unitap OG Pass holders, including zero fees on services, early access to new features, and membership in a selective community highlight the value of this initiative. With a robust roadmap addressing critical challenges in the TAP ecosystem, Unitap is well-positioned to become a central hub for TAP DeFi, driving widespread adoption and interaction.

The BIT Journal deems the new crypto update of Unitap OG Pass a key component in this evolving landscape, claiming to offer unparalleled benefits and opportunities for its holders.



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