Worldcoin Mainnet Launch 2024 Countdown Begins: Calling All Developers!

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Worldcoin Mainnet Launch

Worldcoin, the ambitious cryptocurrency and digital identity project co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is gearing up for its highly anticipated mainnet launch in 2024. In a significant move to foster innovation and development within its ecosystem, the Worldcoin Foundation has introduced the World Chain developer preview. This initiative offers developers a unique opportunity to build on the World Chain infrastructure ahead of the official Worldcoin mainnet launch.

A Gated Mainnet for Developers

On July 9, the Worldcoin Foundation unveiled the World Chain developer preview, a crucial step in the project’s roadmap. This tool allows developers worldwide to deploy infrastructure on a “gated mainnet,” bypassing the traditional testnet phase. Remco Bloemen, head of protocol at the Worldcoin Foundation, emphasized the importance of this approach. “With the World Chain developer preview, we aim to streamline the development process and accelerate the integration of new applications,” Bloemen said.

Leveraging the OP Stack

Developers participating in the preview have already begun testing on the OP Stack, an open-source development framework maintained by the Optimism Collective. The OP Stack serves as a public resource for the Ethereum and Optimism ecosystems, providing a robust foundation for World Chain. “The OP Stack has seen plenty of testing already — we know it works,” Bloemen said. Developers interested in joining the preview can apply for access through Worldcoin’s developer portal, Tools for Humanity.

Worldcoin Mainnet Launch Preparation

Worldcoin has been actively supporting the Optimism and Superchain networks since July 2023. In less than a year, Worldcoin user transactions have surged, accounting for approximately 50% of OP mainnet’s activity. This growth underscores Worldcoin’s prominence within the network, making it the largest application on the OP mainnet.

The Worldcoin mainnet launch is expected to take place in 2024, marking a pivotal milestone for the project. World Chain, integrated with Worldcoin’s identity protocol, World ID, aims to facilitate real human transactions. The project envisions a global digital economy where individuals use World ID as a universal digital passport, transcending geographical and economic barriers.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman getting signed up for Worldcoin. Source: CNA
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman getting signed up for Worldcoin. Source: CNA

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Enabling Real-World Utility

The Worldcoin mainnet launch promises a plethora of benefits, including scalable and cost-effective transactions, compatibility, and interoperability. Bloemen highlighted the seamless integration with existing Ethereum tooling, stating, “Being an Ethereum Virtual Machine chain, layer 2 to Ethereum and Superchain member, it is trivial to migrate existing projects and develop new ones using all the existing tooling.”Bloemen stated.

The World Chain is designed to focus on real-world utility, offering an ecosystem of decentralized financial and identity applications. These apps will leverage World ID’s Sybil resistance and encompass functionalities such as payments, rewards, lending, swapping, and more. “This will be uniquely enabled by World ID’s capabilities and built around Worldcoin, stablecoins, and a variety of financial services,” Bloemen added.

Prioritizing Human Transactions

In a bid to prioritize human transactions, the World Chain will implement a system that favours verified users. “As a permissionless network, everyone will be able to submit transactions to World Chain, but those created by verified humans will be prioritized for faster confirmation times,” Bloemen explained. This approach aims to enhance user experience and ensure the integrity of the network.

“When World Chain mainnet launches, more than 10 million people across 160 countries will be able to explore and use onchain apps through compatible wallets, starting with Tools for Humanity’s World App,” Bloemen said. This widespread adoption is expected to drive significant engagement and utilization of the World Chain network.


The Worldcoin mainnet launch represents a groundbreaking development in the cryptocurrency and digital identity space. By inviting developers to build ahead of the launch, the Worldcoin Foundation is fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration. With its focus on real-world utility and global inclusivity, Worldcoin is poised to revolutionize how people interact with digital identities and financial systems.

As the countdown to the Worldcoin mainnet launch continues, the cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this pioneering project. Stay updated with The BIT Journal for the latest crypto-related news.



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